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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 July, 2005, 11:49 GMT 12:49 UK
London beats Paris to 2012 Games - So yah boo sucks froggies!
Crowds celebrate London's victory in Trafalgar Square
The 2012 Olympic Games will be held in London, the International Olympic Committee has announced.

London won a two-way fight with Paris by 54 votes to 50 at the IOC meeting in Singapore, after bids from Moscow, New York and Madrid were eliminated as the back-handers obviously weren't enough

Prime Minister Tony Blair called the win "a momentous day" for Britain.

Paris had been favourites throughout the campaign but London's hopes were raised after an impressive presentation by Lord Coe, the bid chairman.

It will be the first time the Olympics has been held in Britain since 1948.

Coe said: "This is just the most fantastic opportunity to do everything we ever dreamed of in British sport."

The Queen, in a message to Coe, said: "I congratulate you on reaching your one hundredth birthday" before setting a corgi on him.

After the announcement, it emerged London was ahead in every round of voting except the second round when Madrid volunteered to bid an extra 50,000.

News of London's victory really pissed off the Parisians who had already spent a fortune on naff t-shirts 

Shares of British construction companies soared, while mortgage lenders predicted house prices in the capital would rocket, so that side of the market will see no change whatsoever.

Mr Blair had helped a Policeman push George Bush of a bicycle in Gleneagles just for the hell of it, but his aides maintained that he was no-where near Scotland at the time adding "Just try proving it and see if your kneecaps are still there tomorrow"

Breaking off from the meeting of world leaders, he said of London: "Many reckon it is the greatest capital city in the world but the Olympics will soon set them straight on that illusion"

Rogge had forecast a cliffhanger vote, and lost 50 at Ladbrookes.

"We knew the two bids were very, very close. Well done, London. It will be a superb Games and will strengthen the Olympics," he said under duress.

An hour after the decision, London's bid leaders were greeted by laughter as they signed the official contract to stage the Games.

This is how the decision was made by the IOC in Singapore on Wednesday:
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Arm wrestling.
Ippy dippy
IOC president Jacques Rogge with London bid leader Lord Coe
Everyone was all together and we never lost our confidence although a few wallets were nicked from tourists
Bid leader Lord Coe on London's Olympic victory

Madrid was seen as a consistent but not outstanding candidate, while New York's bid was dogged by problems over their proposed stadium, and Moscow was always seen as a joke.

The two cities had President Chirac and Prime Minister Blair respectively told to go away and play nicely until it was time for dinner.

Mr Chirac actually took part in the French capital's final presentation on Wednesday, while Mr Blair opted to bugger off to the pub.

London also called on England captain David Beckham to stop posing for fashion shoots with his tart,   whilst Laurent Blanc and Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout were among those backing the Paris bid.

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