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Pudsey is a small dog who lives in Hanwell with her human, Misty.

She is officially a miniature Yorkshire Terrier with a full pedigree and membership of The Kennel Club, but when she didn't stay 'miniature' it was discovered that her father was the German Shepherd on guard duty at the kennels at the time.

pudspaddle.JPG (749910 bytes)

on the beach











pudsey17.JPG (343936 bytes)

looking sweet

pudswatch.JPG (114682 bytes)

enjoying the garden

pudstoys.JPG (82946 bytes)

with favourite toys

pudssleep1.JPG (76552 bytes)

chillin' out...














Her hobbies and interests include walkies, chasing things that run, barking, collecting soft toys, rolling around in smelly stuff, and computer games. For someone without opposable thumbs she is surprisingly good at solitaire.


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