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  1. I'm an only child                                                               
  2. I'm a qualified aromatherapist and massage therapist and have been a full-on licensee.
  3. The first book I remember reading was Watership Down
  4. I abhor 'gratuitous coleslaw' 
  5. I have a tattoo
  6. If I had one wish, it would be to be omni-lingual
  7. Clowns give me the wiggins - I once punched one because he snuck up behind me
  8. The only time I've ever been 'speechless' was when I met Alan Rickman
  9. I always carry a Philips head screwdriver in my handbag
  10. My dream job would be full time acting
  11. I did ballet, tap and gymnastics up until I was 14
  12. I am fluent in three languages - English, body and bulls*it ;)
  13. The first single I bought was 'Pink Floyd - the Wall'
  14. I have to take a small toy hippo to squeeze when I visit the dentist
  15. I have a very large, eclectic collection of books
  16. I passed my English Language 'O' level two years early with a grade B. I failed maths.
  17. I have no criminal record and hold a clean driving license
  18. I want to see the Aurora Borealis
  19. Bullies of any size or form make me extremely angry
  20. The best job I ever had was being a Christmas Fairy
  21. I can handle a gun and kill pieces of paper over 25 yards with great accuracy
  22. I'm not too bad with a spear either
  23. I have sat and talked with wolves
  24. I believe that one voice can make a difference
  25. I'd describe myself as a Teutonic Celt from London
  26. I was a Brownie and a Girl Guide
  27. I suffer from depression and insomnia, but try not to let it get me down...
  28. I'm a great cook!
  29. I'm 5'7" and haven't a clue how much I weigh
  30. I was at Glastonbury in '83, got the munchies, ate two 'brownies' by mistake and spent the next five hours watching the grass dance
  31. Others have called me (amongst other things) 'The best friend or the worst enemy anybody could get' 'One of God's finer creations' and 'One SICK Puppy...'
  32. I was born in the year of the Monkey
  33. I can still fit into a pair of jeans I got when I was 15
  34. My most played CD's are any by Sheryl Crow and Pink Floyd
  35. My favourite authors include Cynthia Heimel, Terry Pratchett, Bernard Cornwell and Laurie Lee.
  36. I want a black Porsche 911
  37. Je ne regrette rien! (except the incident with the garden hose, large bottle of Absinthe and six police officers, and that's only 'cause I got caught)
  38. I'm a member of a Viking/Saxon re-enactment group
  39. Hypocrites really pi** me off
  40. I want to Believe
  41. Flying a kite always relaxes me
  42. I collect miniature perfume bottles and swords
  43. Best piece of advice I can give? Remember that everyone you meet has loved something, has lost something, and is afraid of something.
  44. I like taking photos
  45. I'd rather have one excellent meal a day than three bad ones
  46. I feel the fear but do it anyway
  47. I don't follow any religion
  48. Some of my best friends have been furry with four legs
  49. I'm allergic to sticky plasters and some flower that blooms in Switzerland in April
  50. I can tie cherry stalks into knots with my tongue
  51. I'm an orphan


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