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This page was launched on 15th May 2004. It will be a growing resource for the Tajik language on the Web.

I have lots of ideas for resources to make available here, such as:

But if you're reading this page, I'd like to know what you would like to see here (send me an email). This will help me to add to the list above, and prioritise what to develop first.


Using the links below, you can download Tajik Unicode fonts from this page, or link to other sites for download.

Why should I use a Unicode font?

Doulos SIL

The brand new Unicode font from SIL, released 29th March 2004. It supports the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, plus IPA and a large number of special characters.

Almost certainly the only font in existence that supports the optimal positioning of arbitrary combinations of Latin/Cyrillic letters and (multiple) accents, which means that you can do this:


For full details of this font, and to download it, go to this font's homepage. (674KB download)

Quicklinks: Download page Documentation

“Tajiki” fonts

Based on SIL’s version 3 fonts.

A set of four fonts, each with four faces (details).

You must read the licence before downloading.

All downloads here are self-extracting files. After extraction, the fonts need to be installed into the Windows “Fonts” folder.

Download all fonts (except Charis) (396KB)

Download individual fonts:

Arial Unicode (Microsoft free font)

This font is included in a number of Microsoft products, including Office 2000 and later. Microsoft also used to offer it as a free download, alas no longer.

It's still available from VersionTracker. Click here.

(Warning: this is a 13.3 MB download. If you have Office 2000 or later, you're recommended to install it from your Office CD. (How?) )

Microsoft's information page on this font.

Copyright fonts

Palatino Linotype .

The first font with Tajik support to be included in Windows.

Lucida Sans Unicode .

Keyboard layouts

I have developed keyboard layouts to work with the Keyman keyboard manager from Tavultesoft. My layouts work with Keyman version 5 or above. I hope to develop an integrated installer in the future, but for the moment, you’ll have to separately download and install the following:

Keyman v5 has a wider licence: it’s free for all educational use. But it has a bug that means not all keys work correctly when Caps Lock is on. To download from Tavultesoft’s site, click here. (If it’s no longer available from Tavultesoft, email me and I’ll make it available on this site.)


The layouts below, used with Tavultesoft Keyman, have the following features:

“Somoni” layout

Details and download

Qwerty-based layouts

Phonetic layouts

Other downloads

Microsoft Font Properties Extension

This adds a number of very useful tabs to the font properties dialog box (i.e. when you ask Windows to show the properties of a font file).

Go to the download page.

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