who is uncletony ?

- born in February 1946, the only son of Harold and Joan. He is one of the so-called 'bulge babies' (or a 'baby-boomer') conceived at the end of the Second World War (W.W.II).
He spent his school years initially in
North London (Primrose Hill Primary and Holloway County Secondary schools) then in Bolton, Lancashire (Bolton Technical School).

uncletony lives with his wife, Carole, and has three grown-up children; Jenny, James and Jeffrey
for more family details please visit: www.thomassonfamily.com)

uncletony? - why uncletony?
His wife (Carole) workeds as a childminder for many years (please visit www.auntiecarole.com).
All the children in her care called her "Auntie Carole".
They similarly call him 'uncletony'. It is as simple as that !!

Very young 'uncletony'
uncletony in c. 1949-50

employment history is quite varied ... he left school at 16 (1962) and joined the Post Office - then called the GPO (it later became British Telecom). He was based in Manchester and got excellent training in all aspects of telephone engineering.


GPO logo
A couple of years later (1964) uncletony went to work at the west London base of British Relay (previously British Relay Wireless). He worked mainly on the repair of TV sets, but spent some time doing modifications for the new 625 line transmissions by BBC-2.
Their radio/TV HF twisted pair distribution system was the forerunner of Cable-TV as we know it today. Special commemorative stamps and a First Day Cover were issued on September 13, 1972 see here
(image from www.gbfdcshop.co.uk with thanks).


British Relay logo (reconstructed from memory!)


Seeing a job opportunity that was closer to his hobby of Amateur (Ham) radio he moved to Rank Bush Murphy and spent a couple of interesting years working in taxi and commercial VHF radio comms networks from a workshop in Islington, north London.


Rank Organisation logo

In 1967 uncletony answered a newspaper advert offering 'an exciting overseas career' and, as a consequence, joined Decca Navigator and spent nearly 2 years at various VLF (very low-frequency) radio transmitting stations around the Persian Gulf.

For more info and history about Decca Navigator please visit:

this article by Jerry Proc, VE3FAB
and this piece by Dave, G4FTC, and see here.

Decca Navigator logo

In September 1969 he was financially persuaded(!) to join the major oil-service company Schlumberger and he stayed with them until July 1978. He spent his time in Iran working in bases in Bushire, Lavan Island (Sheikh Shuaib) and Ahwaz.

He then transferred to similar work with Dresser Atlas (now Baker Atlas) and spent time in Germany and Norway before settling in Aberdeen, Scotland in Sept 1979.

For a history of Dresser Atlas visit here.

He changed jobs in late 1980/early 1981 and spent about 6 months with Dowell Schlumberger before being 'headhunted' by Gearhart Wireline in June '81 when they were just starting North Sea operations. The company has since been swallowed-up by Halliburton.

For historical information about Gearhart Industries visit:
here and about Computalog (Gearhart's Canadian partner) here.


Schlumberger logo

Dresser Atlas logo

Dowell Schlumberger logo

Gearhart Wireline logo

The oil price crash in 1986 saw uncletony made redundant in July '86. He survived doing by doing part-time work for several months before securing a post as an Electronic Technician at Robert Gordons Institute of Technology (RGIT) in March 1987. He was promoted to his present job of Application Supervisor later in the year.
In 1992 RGIT became the Robert Gordon University.

Nowadays he teaches essential practical workshop skills in electronic engineering to a variety of students in the School of Engineering.

For the past 10 years he has been closely involved with the teaching of Electronic Systems Engineering on the Product Design for Industry and Engineering Design courses hosted at Grays School of Art.

At the end of September 2007 uncletony accepted voluntary retirement from RGU and has since spent his free time pottering about on various projects of interest, spending more time with Carole and trying to be of more help around the house

RGIT Banner

RGU Crest

uncletony's hobbies include satellite TV, web page design and production, digital photography, computer hardware, Amateur (Ham) Radio and he even finds pottering around doing a little basic car maintenance rather therapeutic.

uncletony loves driving. Anywhere, anytime, on the left, on the right. 3 or more wheels. No problem!
On recent summer vacations he has driven 3500 miles (5000km) in Canada in 22 days and 4250 miles in USA in 24 days. Sheer heaven!


oil change time
uncletony at oil change time
'uncletony' and 'auntiecarole'
uncletony and auntiecarole
in Florida, January 2004.

Since our 25th wedding anniversary (in 1996) uncletony and auntiecarole have made a habit of trying to have a winter holiday each year. Reasonably priced package holidays direct from Aberdeen make it all the more attractive to go to the Canary Islands. We have been to Tenerife many times and recommend the Laguna Park 1 aparthotel complex in the quieter part of Playa de las Americas. Don't mistake 'our' aparthotel for Laguna Park 2 which is NOT at all recommended. E-mail us for more info...!

In January 2004 for a change we visited Orlando, Florida. The weather was unseasonally cold, but nonetheless they had a very enjoyable week, saw plenty of stuff and met many nice people.

For summer vacations we have been to most major destinations in Europe and have 'done' a lot of Canada and the South-West states of USA.

created this avatar to illustrate his Roots and Residence.
Here the Red Rose of Lancashire overlays the Scottish tartan of the Thomson Clan:

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