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Here is some hard-to-get info about In-Car Entertainment (ICE) wiring ...

ISO Connectors

ISO Connector

View of the connectors that plug into the car stereo equipment - note the position of the locating lug

Connector B

used only for

B 1 Right Rear +
B 2 Right Rear -
B 3 Right Front +
B 4 Right Front -
B 5 Left Front +
B 6 Left Front -
B 7 Left Rear +
B 8 Left Rear -

Connector A

used only for

A 1 Mute from Cell-Phone
A 2
A 3
A 4 Memory Power (12v direct from Battery)
A 5 Power for Electric Antenna
A 6 Dial-light illumination (car side light circuit)
A 7 +12V Main Power (Switched via Ignition key)
A 8 Ground (Chassis)
A wide range of ISO connector adaptors are available to allow easy interfacing between an ISO-standard radio and the vehicle wiring harness.
Don't cut the wires - visit a car accessory shop (in UK try Passion Automotive or Halfords).


Some cars (notably Audi/Volkswagen and Opel/Vauxhall) do not conform to the power wiring (ISO-A) shown above.
For these German automobiles connect the the memory wire (usually orange) and power wire (usually red)
together and connect both to un-switched +12V.

Antenna (Aerial) Connectors

Adapters are available to facilitate changing between the (older) RCA and (current) ISO antenna cable connector and radio antenna socket.

Don't cut the cable - visit a car accessory shop (in UK try Passion Automotive or Halfords for a good range of bits).

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