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Technical stuff   Health, Safety & Environmental stuff
 Television - Basics... Analogue, Digital, HDTV
 Dangerous Good labelling... explaining the labels
 Satellite TV - Basics... Orbit positions, Transponders, Scrambling
 COSHH, CHIP and RIDDOR... what they mean
 Electronics - Basics... links to some excellent sites
 IP Numbers (Ingress Protection)... what this means
 Cables & Connectors... Audio, TV, RF, Computer, and more
 Approval Symbols... explaining what they represent
 Phone Stuff... Lots of good stuff about landlines and mobiles
 Recycling... WEEE, Plastics and other stuff
 Lighting and Lamps... LED, EL, CC, and much more  UK Power Plug wiring... and others types explained
 Battery reference list... cross-reference list of 1000's of button types    
 DVD Back-up and VCR video transfer to DVD
Personal Stuff
 In-Car Stereo Stuff... some hard-to-get info
 Who Is ?... introducting uncletony
 HTML Stuff... some jazzy things you can do with HTML  Pirate Radio Ships... re-live the Swinging Sixties
 Amateur Radio stuff... a little about uncletony and some useful data    
 DIY - Do it Yourself... some valuable links to professional information Family Related links
 How Things are Made and Work - links to exciting sites
  'auntiecarole' - Child Minder web site
  Essential Links... recommended sites to visit   Thomasson Family web pages

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