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Colonists under Fire

Monday 15th March 2010..

Battle Report

Chaos abounded on Syracuse Prime last night at the Grey Alien Fortuna Research Facility. It would appear that Eldritch forces were openly in league Grey Aliens although Eldritch ambassadors are working their hardest to disassociate themselves from the event; a wise move considering the debacle they took part in.

Full details are sketchy but we do know that Terran Rapid Incursion units along with Knacron forces interfered with the daily commute of the workers at the labs. We understand Pope Cynthia the 17th had ordered the Terran forces to investigate the supposed development of new technologies that were at the centre of her abduction last month whilst Knacron troops look like they’d turned up for the hell of it. And as for the Eldritch and Grey Aliens, well, who knows.

Our roving planetary satelite managed to get pictures of this as it all occurred. Dawn broke to a normal calm day and we have images of the Colonist accomodation blocks bristling with defences.

A mere few leagues to the East is Fortuna Facility.

The Grey Aliens and Eldritch proceed unawares and were transferring the colonists to the labs. The Eldritch looked as if they had standard IFVs for transport whilst the Grey Aliens had some form of stealth transport module that was present one minute then wasn’t seen again until well after the action had died down. The enormous Mothership was a surprise though.

Knackrons broke the serene ambience early and immediately took control of the labs, setting up a defensive perimeter to attack colonists as they arrive. Meantime the Terran forces deployed at some distance, south of the route being taken. Presumably they were hoping to use the new Target Weapon Engagement Recon Patrol (TWERP) units that were seen at the recent arms faire on Nebulus 9. Terrans and Knackrons seemed to have a case of ‘The enemy of my enemy is my mildly useful partner for the moment’ association going on as any collusion appeared to be incidental.

The Eldritch forces can now be seen racing forward whilst the apparition of enemy forces seems to have upset the Grey Alien Commander as he managed to get himself trapped under the Shield Dome of the Mothership.

Unaware of the threat posed by the Terrnan recon units the Eldritch determined to smash through any defence, only for a co-ordinated barrage from hell to rain down upon their lead forces. Targeted fire from long range artillery, Tank busters and smart missiles saw Eldritch armour vaporised.

Meanwhile the Grey Mothership vanished leaving only their commander upon the field and the Eldritch to soak up any enemy fire. Realising the pinpoint accuracy was being directed by the Terran Recon squads the Eldritch pressed forward with armour trying to break through and sent infantry to assault the enemy recce units.

Had the Eldritch attend the arms faire on Nebula 9 they’d have known assaulting the TWERPs would be no easy matter. These babies are very well armoured 2 man tanks with the latest in adaptive camo, heavy firepower and of course targeting computers. That assault did not go well for the Eldritch and as their armour raced through the gap between the Knacrons and Terrans more of their armour was decimated.

By this stage reports were coming in that 3 Colonist unit had been destroyed by Terran and Knackron forces so the Eldritch decided to run the gauntlett. In an an amazing series of manoeuvres two Eldritch IFV units managed to extricate themselves from the field of battle at their target point. The Grey Aliens Mothership re-appeared towards the final stage and disgorged infantry units along with a scientific team. Intercepted broadcasts show they aslo desperately tried to get air assaults in on the Terrans but these failed due to static.

Knacron infantry now left the facility and close assaulted the newly appeared alien infantry, only for them to vanish back into thin air. This did rather leave one of their commanders isolated who was then assaulted himself and fled to the safety of his lines.

The Eldritch forces succumbed to heavy losses and fled the field as their remaining IFV was torched taking with it their last Colonist.. In a last fling of the battle the Grey Aliens tried another Gunship attack but were seen off by heavy AA fire and their force elected to retain their colonists off table.

Post Mortem

This battle was agreed last week and Mike and Gordon were to get their colonist relocated as per Scenario 5 in the rules, Alan and I were to attack. We had 1500 points each person and had to use a ‘new’ army, giving us the chance to use newly painted up toys. Alan and I knew Gordon would persist in his penchant for sneaky evil plans and we were not disappointed. I used the army calculator and designed an army around two really tough recce units with target designators and then auto-linked artillery and armoured vehicles. Mike, who had brought his daughter, Heather, to roll dice for him (She had French homework and the pub was quieter than their house), went for standard Eldritch with IFVs and infantry whilst Alan had 2 walkers and some basic infantry. Gordon’s army was Grey Alien and the subject of much debate ad gave rise to a few posers for the forums. His plan was simple enough; create a hibernation unit and give it Stealth, load up the colonists and then ‘move’ them to the reserves. He would then call in airstrikes whilst Mike moved forward. Once enough of our forces were depleted his commander would move to the end of the table, recall the hibernation unit and unload the colonist at the end of the table ths winning the game.

The problems with this were many. So smug was he with his plan as he kicked it off he forgot to take care with his shield dome and moving commanders in relation to it. So he had to sit tight until he could fix it next go. This meant the Eldritch were now on their own to take the brunt of any fire, which they did. My home designed recon units caused havoc calling in fire and when he tried to assault them he lost and it looked bad for him. Gordon finally got his movement correct and Air-evac’d his troops bar his HQ. Now really leaving Mike on his own. Deciding to try and rush through Heather picked the perfect time to roll 4 successful command rolls, the last being a double ‘1’, so 5 moves took 2 of Mike’s colonists of the table, but by that time he’d already lost 2 and quickly after lost his last 2.

Gordon finally came back on with his Mothership – whilst we had double air superiority… deployed his infantry but then failed to call in an air attack on our troops. Alan close assaulted Gordon’s infantry giving rise to more questions over commanders in close assault. Either way Gordon’s infantry ‘stealthed’ back to the Mothership and his commander took the assault. Which went relatively badly for him.

With Mike’s force now breaking Gordon tried one more air assault but was driven back. Time was called adding up showed we’d destroyed 4 colonists whilst Mike and Gordon… well, Heather, had saved 2.

Subsequent discussion and rule checks showed that whilst a clever wheez, the colonists count as units and so Gordon had far too many units off table in the reserve pool. Not to mention he’d fluffed up his break point. Severe use of pointy stick was required for this.

Interesting that in 3 games Gordon’s evil dastardly plans have had him losing each time. On the other hand, Mike’s balanced force managed to save 2 colonists despite being up against Alan and I on his own. An epiphany yet to be had for Gordon.



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