"Sky-Sprog" Complete Planetarium! In BBC Basic! 

Just 60K(!!) - Downloads in Seconds

If you click on the appropriate link below (*) you will be able to download a zip file which contains:
  1. the program SKY-SPROG, as an exec. file which will run on any PC 
  2. An associated data file called SKYBADA. 
  3. In addition you will find a text file which gives the program's listing. This text listing can be pasted into BB4W in the usual way so that it can be saved as a .bbc file and subsequently MODIFIED to do what you want it to do - its not set in aspic.
SKY-SPROG Planetarium Program contains all you need for many astronomical situations.

This tiny program was originally distributed on a tape cassette and it was shoe-horned into the limited memory of the BBC Model B. Now with no such limitations it can be developed into whatever you like. Its operation needs quite a few key presses as it stands but I leave it to you to "mousefy" it if you can do it before I do.You can set the observers position for any latitude and longitude. The default is set for London.

The author of the original program (written for the BBC Model B computer) now wishes to remain anonymous and does not wish to take any further part in its development. He generously gives it to us to make of it what we will. Many thanks to him! The only changes I have made so far  from the original are:
  1. to use the PCs internal clock so that the program starts up at the present time and date
  2. to read the data file positions of the stars automatically on startup
  3. to put instructions on the opening page to facilitate navigation - please be sure to read these carefully and possibly note them down, or print out this web page.

To unzip the SKY-SPROG.zip file use WINZIP or POWERDESK or some such program.

The great thing about this program is that it is beautifully and economically written in BBC Basic, which you can modify and mine for its incredibly useful functions.(See the example "Ecliptic, Sun, Moon, Planets program" in the demonstration programs for an example of a program which makes use of Basic Procedures from Sky-Sprog). The original author, a Cambridge mathematician, wrote it in his retirement from scratch using standard astronomy texts.

* Download Sky-Sprog

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