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Richard Russell

Richard Russell's website provides download of his brilliant "BBC Basic for Windows".

When you have installed BB4W, Richard Russell's website Home Page explains how to keep your BB4W bang up to date. New example programs are being added all the time and the Help Manual is continuing to become ever more comprehensive.

If you are using the free download version its worth the 4p (UK price!) it will take you to do another download, as the updated versions come along.

If you make the wise decision to buy the full version:

  • you can make "compiled" or "exec" programs and send them to friends and relatives as email attachments
  • write programs virtually unlimited in size
  • you update by downloading the free version and then reload your program disc, all of which only takes a few minutes.

  • Zyra

    Follow the links from this page and they will lead you to virtually all the other references there are on the web to the BBC Basic programming language. It also provides an example of how a huge website can be controlled (tamed?) using  BBC Basic! The whole site is updated at least monthly. Absolutely fascinating! Zyra contributes a program in the Guest section called lunar lander. 

    Edmund Burke

    As an alternative approach to that used on this site you might like to try this. I've skipped the rather wordy introduction at

    8-Bit Software

    The extensive 8-Bit Software site has this very useful page showing the covers of numerous books on BBC Basic published in the eighties. These are a rich source of programs suitable for use with BB4W ("BBC Basic for Windows"). I recently bought about seven such books fora total of about 12GBP (pounds). See  . There must be many such books "going for a song" in second hand bookshops. Such books are an invaluable resource for the beginner. By typing in simple listings and seeing their effect you will soon learn to write your own BASIC programs and derive a great deal of satisfaction and amusement. Sometimes the best effects are discovered by chance whilst playing about with a program which you have just typed in. 

    For manuals see  If you can get a copy of the "BBC User Guide" it is a very useful reference. 

    now includes this site as "Program Your PC" in a very useful list of  basic programming references :

    Tony Tooth

    Tony didn't take much persuading to begin to publish his elegant, mathematically erudite BB4W programs on this brand new website. Watch this one!

    Richard Weston's Home Page