Vintage Cine

Lifelong home cine enthusiasm starting with a 9.5mm Bingoscope projector at age 13 began more seriously with purchase of Pathe H cinecamera and Noris 9.5 projector in 1956.This developed into use of Standard 8, then Super 8 cine-photography but always for home and family use. In the last 19 years I have pursued my interest in vintage cine equipment by visits to cine and antique fairs. Equipment and films surplus to my requirements have been passed on at stalls I hold at cine fairs and through the distribution of lists by mail. Now I am making this equipment available through this website. I have an ACE sound unit for the Pathe Gem but do not know how to connect or work it. This is not for sale but I am anxious to see some original paperwork showing how to fit and use it. Also I am always on the lookout for old Pathe Baby bits and non-working equipment for use as spares.

Click here for my sales list.

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