William Edward Julian Cayo-Evans

Glandenys, in the Parish of Silian.

An extraordinary man.

William Julian Cayo-Evans, or 'Cayo' as he was always known, was born at home on the 22nd April, 1937 in the mansion 'Glandenys'. The house was bought by his parents, John Cayo-Evans of Caio, Carmarthenshire & Freda Cayo-Evans (nee Cluneglas of Cellan, Cardiganshire), in 1933.

Cayo was well educated, at Millfield and Cirencester. It was here he found his calling both politically and professionally. He grew to be a colourful, confident character with a great love of horses. He was later to become a renowned breeder of Welsh Cobs, and also farmed Welsh Black Cattle.

Cayo married Gillianne Mary Davies, of Llangeitho, Cardiganshire in 1965. They had three children but eventually divorced in 1975. Being a bit of a 'ladies man', he had a further five children.



Dreaming Of Freedom.

Cayo was conscripted into the British Army aged 18, and served actively in Malaya. This experience coupled with a fascination with politics inspired by a Polish man who taught him at Millfield, embittered him towards the British Government and their manhandling of Wales.

This ultimately led to his involvement in and the formation of 'The Free Wales Army', with Cayo speaking out at its head, wearing uniforms and publicly showing a body of resistance in Wales. With other groups, they were active for a short period in the 1960's, with a campaign that shook Britain.

Someone had to be made an example of...

After a lengthy trial in 1969 just prior to the investiture of Prince Charles, Cayo was jailed for thirteen months with two other members, Dennis Coslett and Gethyn Ap Iestyn. Imprisoned for trumped up public order offenses, they suffered cruel & degrading treatment as category A political prisoners, and were confined in solitary at length.



Cayo's Funeral, April 1995



The book about

The Free Wales Army


'To Dream Of Freedom'

by Roy Clews.


All Books available from 'Y Lolfa'.

Books by Dennis Coslett




'Rebel Heart'



'Patriots And Scoundrels'

ISBN: 0-86243-718-0


Still Dreaming...



Julian Cayo-Evans,March 1995

Cayo died at home on March 28th, 1995. There was a huge gathering at the church and a wave of sadness amongst many of the Welsh peoples. There are songs about him, the book; and here and there 'Cofia Cayo' is to be seen painted in his memory. He is much missed, for his fiery idealism and for his charismatic presence as a person.









Dennis Coslett, May 2004


Dennis died peacefully after battling cancer on May 20th 2004. He was buried with great dignity in Hendy, Llanelli. His grieving family and we, his friends, are all devastated by our loss.


Fe Godwn Ni Eto... We Shall Rise Again

Cayo and his old F.W.A. friends gathered every year: To pay homage to the last Prince of Wales, reminisce, and to have some fun together. They would march to the stone, make fiery speeches, return to the 'Prince of Wales' pub in Cilmeri, and share a glass or two. There was no official gathering in the past, but nowadays there is a charming service and a solemn and respectful gathering.

Cayo, Dennis & Neil Siencins at Cilmeri, the Stone erected in memory of the last Prince of Wales - Llywelyn 'Ein Llew Olaf'.
The 'Cayo Arms', Cardiff




The Cayo Arms

There is a public house named after Cayo in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. 'The Cayo Arms' opened in 2000 by an old friend has won prizes for the best beer in Cardiff. There is also a beer named after him, 'Cwrw Cayo' which is to be found locally during the most famous festival of bards in Wales, the 'Eisteddfod', and at other festivals throughout Wales.

If you ever come to Wales, be sure to raise a glass to this man, Cayo-Evans; in 'The Cayo Arms', Cathedral Rd, Cardiff, or better yet, in any of Cardiganshire's fine drinking establishments; especially in Lampeter.





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