Classic Collector download Download Classic Collector 2000 - Free!

You can download Classic Collector 2000 and begin cataloguing your collection in less than half an hour from now!

To install Classic Collector from this download, you will need to extract a 'zip' file - see Windows' built-in 'Compressed Folders' function.

This is the last revision (Rv 2t) of Classic Collector 2000.


1) Create a New Folder (directory) on your hard drive to receive the Setup files - name it CCSETUP

2) Download the Zip file and save it in CCSETUP

3) Use your zip file utility to extract the Zip file saving all the extracted files together with the parent Zip file in CCSETUP)

4) Open the file README.TXT to read and/or print details of the Classic Collector installation

5) Run the file SETUP.EXE to install Classic Collector

N.B. If you are upgrading from a version prior to Rv2t, be sure to reinstall into the same folder as before. Do not delete any existing files.

6) We advise you to create a permanent Setup set in case you should ever need to reinstall Classic Collector - just burn a copy of all the files in the CCSETUP folder (excluding the Zip file) onto a CD-R

7) You can now run Classic Collector.


8) Classic Collector Registration is now free of charge. After entering your chosen User Name on the first run you can ignore the allocated User Code and proceed to register Classic Collector on any subsequent run by typing the universal Registration number 13/111/938

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Click if you need to fix a 'read-only' VBRUN300.DLL
(instruct your browser to 'Open' or 'Run' the 'VB300Fix.bat' file)

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