Searching and selecting records with Classic Collector

Retrieving items from your catalogue couldn't be easier - just pick a field from the drop-down 'Where' box and type the first few letters to be matched (including 'wild-cards' if you wish). For Number, Currency, Date or Duration fields, Classic Collector searches by quantitive comparison.

Here you see the Selection Form which has been asked to list all Orchestral pieces in D minor in a two-stage search. Even beginners will find it easy to narrow or expand their searches using the And & Or buttons, while advanced users can define (and save) their own search criteria by editing Classic Collector's auto-compiled SQL strings.

Once you have a list of matched items, just click to display the relevant Cover and Music cards; or check the Card Browsing option button to browse through the sub-set. You can also ask Classic Collector to print various types of Report featuring the selected recordings.

View a Music Report
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