Reviews of Classic Collector

"Classic Collector offers much greater depth than Classifile. . .  A set of printable reports is a welcome addition, and it is also possible to extract information from the programme to use in a word processor or spreadsheet . .  Classic Collector includes just about everything a serious hoarder could want."

Classic Record Collector; Summer 2004

"As dedicated collectors know, keeping track of a personal record library is as big a problem as where to store it.  Enter Classic Collector, a Windows-based discography program .. PC users should find it a highly effective aid .. [Any] misconceptions are easily corrected by consulting the user-friendly Help Menu.  A special function, the Elk Track-Adder, allows you to add individual track timings, calculating your total playing time .. Enter the cost of your recordings and the program will automatically compute their total value - which is particularly useful for insurance purposes. .. Collectors with the time and wherewithal to tame this beast will find it a useful tool."

'Webwatch', Gramophone; September 2000 p.21

"Lionel Kremer needed a way to catalog his record collection, so he sat down at the keyboard and programmed a way to do it. .. Kremer was putting code together before Ed Sullivan ever heard of the Beatles.  He knows his stuff.  You can tell by looking at Classic Collector, the program Kremer wrote.  It's a gem.  Classic Collector does nearly everything a typical collector would want a catalog program to do, and it's easy to use .. As a programmer myself, I found Classic Collector delightfully friendly in the way it took my own preferences into consideration.  Classic Collector is also friendly in the way it provides dozens of possible ways to display and categorize your information. .. You'll be amazed at how flexible this program is once you start adding items to your catalog.  I had no trouble at all putting half my Scriabin collection into Classic Collector in just a few minutes. .. This [programming] heritage shines through the menus of Classic Collector.  I've never seen another software program so considerately designed."

Fanfare (USA); January 2000

"L'outil, à la fois convivial, puissant et parfaitement dédié, permet de répertorier 78-tours, microsillons, cassettes, CD et vidéos. .. L'exploitation est tout aussi facile: des sélections multicritères permettent des recherches tres fines, dont les résultats peuvent être imprimés selon plusieurs modes. .. Classic Collector .. a été plusieurs fois primé outre-Manche, et s'impose actuellement comme le meilleur logiciel du genre."

Diapason (France); October 1998 p.118

"I have tried half a dozen or so programs . . with only moderate success. After playing with Classic Collector [2.2] for a couple of weeks I can safely say it is a program that will find favour with the majority of CMM's readers. [The] computer-illiterate will find the program uncomplicated and easy to use, while computer-savvy types will appreciate its operating speed and its powerful and flexible search capabilities. . . At a Canadian retail price of under $120 it's a very good buy."

Classical Music Magazine (Canada); September 1998

"The pick of them [4 were assessed] is Classic Collector 2, now out in its latest version (then 2.2). . . It's a professional-looking program, clearly designed by and for classical collectors. . . The program is as easy to use and intuitive as it can be, but comes with plenty of on-line help if needed. . . It works with Windows, is powerful and fast, comes with a big example collection for you to browse, and has no practical limits to numbers of CDs, composers and performers."

'Shop Window', Classic CD; May 1997 p.86

"Classic Collector is the only one of these six programmes to be designed for Microsoft Windows.  All fields that can be input can be searched, including an all-purpose 'comments' field.  The richness of search capability is unique among these systems."

'For the Record', BBC Music Magazine; August 1996

"For those with powerful machines able to use the Windows platform, I would recommend Classic Collector."

Bulletin: Federation of Recorded Music Societies; Spring 1996

"I liked this program very much.  It is intuitive to use and to my mind is by far the best of the three programs mentioned in this review. ... This would be my first recommendation."

Hillandale News (the Journal of the City of London Phonographic and Gramophone Society); October 1995

What our world-wide customers have written (originals available)

What they said about Classic Collector 1

May I say how pleased I have been with Classic Collector.  It has brought order to chaos and delivered musical gems from obscurity and long neglect!  I look forward to the new version and all the improvements.

For some time I had been searching for custom made and professional software and your advert in Gramophone was the answer to a prayer.  "Classic Collector -Version 1" has been a joy to work with and has made the recording and accessing of information simple, speedy and efficient. I await Version 2 with eager anticipation. Congratulations on your outstanding programme.

What they said about Classic Collector 2

It is fun to use and fulfils all my needs for cataloguing a large collection of music.  It is miles ahead of other available systems.  I particularly like the many ways it allows you to customise reports for printing out details of one's collection.  The many drop-down lists make inputting data exceptionally easy.  Transferring all my data from a previous system is proving to be a very enjoyable task.  Congratulations for having made such a useful product so attractive and user-friendly. 

When my friend explained how happy he was with the programme, I initially told him I was uninterested because I knew the cataloguing task would be a daunting one.  I observed the programme and was impressed;  I then installed it on my PC for the test period, but was convinced of its merits immediately.  After cataloguing some 915 covers and 6,139 music items, I have become rather an expert in its use.  Virtually everything you could imagine you would want a cataloguing programme to accomplish, Classic Collector was already able to do.  I find it easy, as well as fun, to use, and would serve as a reference for anyone considering its purchase.  I look forward to using the new features [of Vs 2.2].

*Delighted* by Track-Adder.  I have been looking for months, if not *years*, for a time-calculator .. but have been quite unable to find just such a separate calculator as you've written.
(e-mail from a version 2.2 'beta-tester')

To tell the truth, your software is SO good that I take it completely for granted;  the program is a marvel and has revolutionised access to my collection.  I did wonder how you could make something as good as this any better! (3-year user)

My inapt computer knowledge is strained to the limit when it comes to most programs, but yours is so intuitive...  I was never able to find a program of this type available here in the US, and the two that I did try were very limited...  I have now finished cataloging my collection, with approx 4,000 items...  I'm just happy that at long last my recordings are in order after years of wondering "Now where did that go?  ..  What record is it on?"..  I thank you again for designing CC so that even a novice can triumph with it;  and apologize for the length of this "note".
(another 'upgrade' user)

I would like to add that, at the age of 79 and as an absolute beginner in the (to me) terrifying world of computer technology, I have been utterly delighted with the Classic Collector programme.  ...  I had no difficulty in installing the programme and I quickly learnt the basics of entering records and using the search facility - to date I have entered almost 1,000 Cover cards and about 3,500 Music cards.

Votre logiciel CC est **FORMIDABLE**!  Je cherchais depuis longtemps un logiciel semblable qui permette de classer les supports (CD, DAT) et permette de retrouver les items par mots-clés (key-words).  Bravo!

Your Help functions, particularly the Pictorial Guide, are wonderful.

I have admired (actually I love it - the most elegant database program I have ever found!) & recommended this program for years.  I am eager & willing to purchase the newest version.

I must say that I think the programme is absolutely, stunningly wonderful.  I have searched for donkey's ages for a good database programme for Classical CD's and this is the only one that I have found that really meets all my needs.  Now that I have found one I feel that I need to take the next ten years off work to get all the CD's entered - but it will be wonderful to finally have them all stored.  Entering them in the database is almost as exciting as buying them.  Thanks for making such a tremendous programme available. 

And on the current Classic Collector 2000


Bravissimi!  Congratulations!!  It's a Dream.

Brilliant - surpassed all my expectations!

I have now completed the registration of all my 'disks', i.e. 78, LP, CD and LD, and I am intending to continue the registration process for tapes and cassettes.  ..  It was a long task but I have worked with CC 2000 with great pleasure.  Again, you may be proud of your software.

It took me many months, but I finally finished cataloguing my collection - there are now 2,238 covers and 12,704 music items in it.  Your program has come in VERY handy in my life as a music professor.  It's so easy to locate whatever I need, even if it's an obscure filler track on another composer's CD! 

Today, after working off and on for 2½ years, I have finally finished cataloguing my classical collection.  ..  Now I'm enjoying the fruits of my labor and your inventiveness.  Strangely enough, when I got to the last "cover" (#1,797), I had catalogued exactly 10,000 pieces of music.  ..  Thanks again for the excellent program, which enabled me to do something which I've been wanting to do since I first started collecting LPs as a schoolboy in the 60s!

Finally, 2½ years after buying your splendid Classic Collector programme I finished entering my collection:  2,660 cover-cards and 24,017 music-cards.  Using Classic Collector is fantastic.  I can recommend it to every record-collector.

I would like you to know that I still rely greatly on Classic Collector - I'd be  lost without it.  It has been a great help and I would like you to know just how much I do appreciate its value.  The collection is now nearing four thousand CDs and it is now dawning on me just how mad I've been !

I'm very happy!  I finished encoding my collection:  4,400 cover cards, 21,000 music cards - three years work.  Your application is still the best I have ever seen.  Thanks.

Current tally is 8,700 Covers and 17,000 +/- Music cards .. and still counting.  CC has done the job well.  I am very pleased at the program and appreciate the support you have given.

Over the years I’ve downloaded other, “newer” cataloguing software trials and they’ve all been just as quickly deleted as they weren’t a patch on yours.

I would be totally lost without my personal catalog and would never be able to compile my radio programs without it.

It remains a life-saver, I may say! My wife teaches piano and is forever trying to locate some obscure piece we have on an ancient vinyl disk. Classic Collector comes up trumps every time.  Thanks.

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