Classic Collector 2000 Recorded Music Catalogue

Classic Collector is a fully-featured and well-established Windows PC system for cataloguing your personal collection of recorded Classical Music.

The program came out top in reviews of music catalogue software published in the FRMS Bulletin. It was the most favoured of six PC systems reviewed in BBC Music Magazine, it was the program chosen by Classic CD for recommendation in its 'Shop Window', and it was later tested with approval by Gramophone. In June 2004, Classic Record Collector compared it favourably against another product. Outside of the UK, Canada's Classical Music Magazine highlighted Classic Collector as the only tested product worthy of recommendation to its readers, the program was highly praised in France's prestigious Diapason magazine, and it was given an enthusiastic accolade in Fanfare (USA).

Product History

Classic Collector 1 was launched in 1995 as the first record catalogue system designed specifically for Microsoft Windows.

After enthusiastic customer feedback, version 2.1 appeared in 1996, incorporating many requests and suggestions. Users - old and new - gave Classic Collector 2 a resounding endorsement.

In 1997 the program was upgraded to version 2.2, featuring Track-Adder - a novel track-time calculator to make cataloguing even easier. Progressive enhancements were made over the next two years, implementing almost every feature that customers asked for.

In 1999 Classic Collector was upgraded to Classic Collector 2000, a 'millennium-friendly' version with the ability to interpret 2-digit year inputs correctly for the old or new millennium! Since then, Classic Collector 2000 has proved to be stable and virtually problem-free on all Microsoft Windows platforms, including XP and Vista.

So, if you've been thinking about cataloguing your own collection, now's the time to get started. You can be assured that Classic Collector will meet your needs, as it has for hundreds of 'Classic Collectors' - some of whom have already catalogued thousands of recordings.

Our customer base now extends to over 50 countries around the world, testifying to Classic Collector's truly universal appeal!

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