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My name is Roseanne James; I am an artist / illustrator / therapist and occasional writer. I am also a Reiki Master and channeller and I presently live in Fishguard, Pemrbrokeshire in West Wales. This website is both a commercial and personal website and I am available for any commissions that you might care to throw at me.

If you want to see all the images as thumbnails and at a glance, which then also lead to larger images, I suggest you access the business site. If you are interested in more personal material and also in viewing a more creative and personally designed website, then please stay with this site. If you find the type face a bit small, then please go to view and click on text, and opt for the largest size.

All the links are at the bottom of the page, because I wanted something a bit different.

On these pages you will find visionary artwork of angels, faeries and fantasy. If your tastes are more traditional there are also pages devoted to dreamy water colours & pastels of flowers, trees and landscapes. My inspiration is taken from the myriad of colours in the ever changing seasons evolving around us.

There is also a page for the cat lovers among you. My feelings about the cat's graceful beauty are echoed by the American author Judith Riley, who said:

'A cat improves the garden wall in sunshine and the hearth in foul weather...'




The comfort of their company is everything, so if you like cats, you will find some artwork dedicated to them in the Cat Page, along with the Cat's Profile, which describes the characteristics of some of the battier cats that have passed through my life.

The angel art has been channelled with the help of the angelic realms, so if you would like to read more about the channelling process, please click on the link at the bottom of the page.







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Angel of Love


If you like the work on this site, and would like to commision me to do some artwork for you, then please contact me via the email link below. Most of the artwork on this site has been carried out in artists crayons or watercolours, but I also work in other mediums, such as pastels, pen and ink, & line and wash. I also draw cartoons and sketches, along with occasional computer art and design work for book covers.

You will find examples of all these varied styles of work in the pages on this site and as such I am willing to consider any art or design work you might require. If you are interested in any of the artwork as cards or prints, or would like further information about prices, then please click on the 'Orders' link at the bottom of the page.

The angels and faeries however, are my passion and I am actively looking for outlets for this artwork. I hope one day to combine all the angel art in an illustrative book along with channelled infromation from the relevant source.

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Angel of the Shamans, Angel of Love and Angel of the Stars, as featured on the covers of 3 great magazines: US magazines Aquarius andPlanetlighworker & the UK's magazine Paradigm Shift

Quote from Aquarius

Roseanne's artwork has a delightful sense of color, fluidity and movement pulling in energy and giving them a true feeling of life. I derive a wonderful sense of peace, playfulness and sincerity. These are kind beings with a delicious sense of fun and viewing them invokes their energy bringing both blessings and joy.

Dorothy Pfaff/ Editor


Quote from Paradigm Shift

There is so much truth, peace & beautyin these angels I was spoilt for choice.

Claire WIlliams /Editor


Quote from Planetlightworker

From time to time we encounter an artist who's passion is not only visible in her work, but radiates a dynamic energy level directly into the viewer, heightening awareness of love's powerful presence in a life. Roseanne is such an artist. Her delicate precision, the line of each stroke and tilt of each head, reveals a visionary with a deep understanding of human nature's longing for the divine. I hold sincere gratitude to the universe, for the birth of such an artist, so that we might be freed from the confines of the mundane to view such great beauty through her work

Avenescent / Art Editor


Quote from Spiritual Lifestyles

“Roseanne has a beautiful vision. She has the ability to create the angels messages in a single piece of art – each picture tells a story. Her artwork takes my breath away.

Jacky Newcombe (the Angel Lady)/ Editor





Book illustration & design for childrens teenage fiction

What others are saying about this artwork:

What a beautiful site and truly beautiful spiritually inspired paintings. A real bounty of eye candy Thankyou so much for sharing with much Love and Light

I feel grateful to have stumbled upon your site..this has to be the most inspirational and thought-provoking art site I have ever seen..I love your work; it's absolutely divine and I love knowing that there is someone in this world like you:)

The beauty of the Arts should be shared in any way possible. Thank you for the gorgeous art on this site.

Love your artwork,so delicate. Truly an artist in more ways than one

The fairies I have seen as a child are in your drawings!!

Refreshingly different,and obviously put together by a very talented and artistic person.

I have just seen your work on front of Paradigm Shift magazine and thought it was absolutely beautiful. Your site is even better still. Good luck in your endeauvers.

You are so generous to share such beauty on the internet. Thank you for your writing about your path in the wonder of the art that flows through you... It uplifts me in my own journey as an artist in life. The colors and images you share radiate with light and healing energy...

How beautifully exquisite your work is and how finely detailed.Your faeries and angels bring me feelings of nostalgia,because when my mother read me faerie tales this is how i imagined them.I am truely inspired and in awe of your talent.

I adore your art work, and will soon commission you to do a picture for me if you are not to busy. I will email you soon. Thankyou for sharing your lovely work.

The Angels are so beautiful... are you ever commisioned to paint them on walls?

If you write as well as you paint it will be a joy to read.

What a peaceful web site. Your angels are full of love and peace.

Your work is breathtaking! Can you design a faerie princess with her arm around the faerie king on a lilypad?

Your artwork is absolutely amazing ... from one artist to another :) Never let any distractions keep you from your work - it's inspiring! Blessed be

I saw your art work and would love to talk to you.... please email me as I have a proposition for you in reguards to your art work.

Keep shining your light, you are a human angel bringing so much pleasure and encouragement. You are indeed an inspiration to us all. God bless you and your family. Love and Light





I would just like to thank all the people and all the sites who have given freely of all the gifs I have used to decorate this site. It is in part largely due to their creative skills that has made this site what it is and I am very grateful, so thank you!

If I have unwittingly used any gifs othat are either under copyright and not free to be used, please let me know and I will apologise and remove them immediately. It is my intention to give credit on my links page to all the sites that have given me permission to use their gifs; some I have already mentioned, but I am aware that there are some names outstanding which are still awaiting credit for their work. I hope to get round to this some time soon. In the meantime, thank you again for the contribution of your creative gif(t)s!




My work is available as prints on good quality A4 paper, prints and mounts large & small, and also as cards with pretty coloured envelopes. Click on the orders link for sizes and prices. Cards are also available in sets of 5. (See samples below.)




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If you like the work on this site it would be lovely if you would sign my guestbook. Having a guestbook is lovely because people write and tell me how much my artwork has inspired or encouraged them in a particular area of their life. This is vey rewarding and encouraging for me as well, and | love to hear from these people.

Which leads me onto copyright...



Please note that this art work is FOR SALE, it is my livelihood

and is NOT given freely for people to copy.

Thank you for your understanding...

love & blessings to you all...








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