KICKBACK 32 ........9/10/99

part of MEWL Newsletter Autumn 1999


1) List of BBS Information articles. 2) Network Mesh Meetings.

3) NADH its in the news, read the background

4) Review of MEWL September Meeting. 5) don’t ask a Psychiatrist/ members
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6) ME/CFS: Psychological or Physical by Dr Sarah Myhill.....

7) Ampligen Dr Shepherd’s Update. 8) ME, Polio and Post Polio.Syndrome.

9) House of Commons debate.view 10) Muscle wasting 11) NHS Referrals.

Hi there,

Hope this newsletter brings some cheer and reminds us all that we are not alone. I managed to get to the Group Meeting last week (see review)

and it was really nice to meet everyone who managed to go. We took some impromptu photo’s, as yet developed so here’s one from last year!

*From left to right Kevin, Catriona, Jannine and Helen (P.S Tundy took the picture). It again was a nice sunny day as it always is at Helen’s! refer to Kickback 28 for details. Anyone interested in hosting a meeting please phone me Helen or Tundy. If you are able to you might find it rewarding and quite worthwhile and not as daunting as it sounds. Often its easier as no travelling is involved! .........*picture omitted

Since the september meeting my health has gone Pear shaped, although it had been up and down for some months I’m now poleaxed, partly my own fault as while feeling quite unwell I couldn’t put off the usual life things and it has now hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m almost the worse I’ve ever been. Very depressing as I tend to think I’ve been this way for all my illness, when in fact I’m lucky to have had many better times. Well things can only get better. Wish you all well.


No MEWL Meetings have been arranged this period, Network Mesh Meetings are listed on page 2

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