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I have been suffering from M.E since 1989. I am severely ill, and most of the time am totally house and bed-bound. I had that famous "killer Flue" in the winter of 1989 and never got back to normal. I was leading a very hectic and active life at that time, working full time as a receptionist and secretary, my job was very demanding and tiring. Besides the office work I also worked as a dancer as well as doing some charity work, which included cycling, and swimming and dancing. I struggled for a year but became more, and more ill. It took 14 months before I was diagnosed as having M.E. There are occasions when my symptoms are not so severe and I manage to sit in the living room and watch television.

In 1998 I developed an eye problem, and since then my life has changed yet again, as I’m now not able to read books as much or watch T.V. I was very frightened at first but gradually got used to my new life again. I have a good friend, who occasionally takes me out (if I am up to it). But I pay a severe and serious price for that later.

I have always lived for today, and this philosophy has helped me a lot in coping with my illness. I am very content with what I have, and have remained very positive, although I am very isolated. I have two Budgerigars to keep me company and look after. I am also a member of the 25% Group (severely affected M.E sufferers).

I hope to write a longer article in the near future, about my experiences with GPs, consultants and hospitals. How my attitude changed towards the doctors who were trying to send me to see psychiatrists. Ceasing to fear them, they could no longer order me about, I regained my confidence and gained respect from them. I feel it could help others.


ED: Many thanks to Mahboob for offering her profile, inspite of not feeling too good. And we look forward to a more in depth article she intends and hopes to write. She in fact dictated the above piece to the answer-phone saving the time and bother of writing it out.


Member’s Treatments update

We’ve heard several good reports of member’s experiences with ENADA although nothing concrete as yet. Please keep us informed. Mahboob was still taking them. After taking 2 tablets a day for 3 months, with no improvement, she was back on them taking advantage of a 3 for 2 special offer! She was also taking Magnesium, Zinc and Echinacea, and thought the latter was having a slight beneficial effect In warding off infection, But after having had a recent bad bout of flue is now thinking otherwise and stopping the lot!

Tundy is about to start taking ENADA after hearing testimonies from others. We look forward to the results. For anyone interested in trying this product see special offers in Stop Press (back page).

I’ve been taking Ginkgo Biloba for the last 2 months, and can’t say I’ve noticed any benefit. These were the SOLGAR vegicaps verity, which contain extract and powdered leaf and were recommended by my father. I was taking two 520mg capsules a day. During that time I was generally well but did suffer a relapse. Since stopping them I’ve been pretty awful, although this started a week prior to stopping them! That’s the problem with a fluctuating illness. Thanks to my faithful diary I could check the situation, as initially I had assumed I might be having a rebound effect on stopping the course.

Hattie has been taking Taurine, an amino acid since September, which she believes is helping her. She is also starting to take Cysteine (NAC) another amino acid, which she says is good for bronchial troubles. J

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