This is my assistant Ginger. He was adopted 14 years ago, he actually belonged to next door. He is totally non loyal, and is always on the look out for a better deal. His worst habits are: No respect for other forms of life, mice, birds etc. Not wanting to eat Tofu, he prefers liver, or something meaty. Basically anything you tell him goes in one ear and out the other. He either forgets, or doesn't listen. He has good points. He has a comforting (loud) snore, is very patient and is a good listener.

I think all animals (creatures) are just like people but with smaller brains. I am working on an environmentally friendly slug and snail defence system. Every year they eat the vegetables and I don't agree with using slug pellets or pesticides. At the moment its all a bit secret, patents etc but watch this space. In the meantime don't be cruel to the little blighters (snails) we've all got a right to live.