Double Dummy Corner


Problem 77

composed by Ernest Pawle, 1957


♠ Q93



♣ AKJ85

♠ J108



♣ 109

♠ 2



♣ Q76

♠ AK7654



♣ 432

East-West to defeat South's four spades, West having led the J.

(the key play is precise but there are several successful defences following the key play.)

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Successful solvers to date: Jonathan Mestel, Jean-Marc Bihl, Steve Bloom, Dick Yuen, Clint Fyke, Georg Edelmann, Jack Shinehoft, Uğur İlker Özdal, Jean-Christophe Clément, K.Y. Chen, Amy Chen, Chris Chen, Amar Nath Poddar, Edward Peng, Yunfeng Zhu, Pierluigi Sessolo (with the help of wbridge5), Kuan-Zung Chen, Donny Chen, Sean Lin, Andrew Coghill, John England, Richard Astley, Klaas Naaijkens, Krishna Vahalia, Jesper Dall, Bruce Tharaldson, Julian Lang, Seshadri Nathan Krishnan, Kent Cheung, Richard Newell, Nikolay Demirev, Leigh Matheson, Lucky Kosasih

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