Double Dummy Corner


Problem 35

composed by Ernest Pawle, 1953


♠ KJ532



♣ 65432

♠ 4



♣ QJ

♠ Q109876



♣ 1098

♠ A



♣ AK7

South to make four hearts.  West leads the Q

(a little imprecise)

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Successful solvers to date: Jean-Marc Bihl, Steve Bloom, Tolga Mert, Şenol Baban, Yunfeng Zhu, Dennis Wan, Amy Chen, Amar Nath Poddar, Tsuo Chung-Ching, Richard Astley, Klaas Naaijkens, Dick Yuen, Jesper Dall, Derek Lu, Kent Cheung

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Hugh Darwen, 2001

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