Double Dummy Corner


Problem 21

composed by Ernest Pawle, 1951


♠ QJ5



♣ 1032

♠ 10863



♣ J

♠ K42



♣ AK98765

♠ A97



♣ Q4

South to make five no-trumps.  West leads the J.

(Wim van der Zijden points out that this is not significantly different from #13, which I had not noticed.  I have no record indicating that the similarity was noticed by any solvers in 1951, either!)

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Successful solvers to date: Wim van der Zijden, K.Y. Chen, Yunfeng Zhu, Jesper Dall, Leigh Matheson

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Hugh Darwen, 2001

Date last modified: 21 November, 2009