Test Your QI

Choose and note down the best answer to each of the following questions:

1. Who invented the World Wide Web?

  1. Bush
  2. Gore
  3. Berners-Lee

2. Why has sub-saharan Africa lagged behind Europe and Asia, technologically?

  1. Because Africans are less well endowed intellectually than Europeans or Asians
  2. Because of centuries of exploitation by European colonial powers
  3. Because Africa is the wrong shape

3. Why do we see the sky as blue?

  1. Because we can't eat it
  2. Because blue light is absorbed by gas molecules and then scattered in all directions
  3. Because it reflects light from the oceans, which are blue

4. When was the speech synthesizer invented? (Answers within ten years either way are acceptable.)

5. When was the fax machine invented? (Answers within ten years either way are acceptable.)

6. In which country was printing invented?

  1. England
  2. Greece
  3. China
  4. Germany

7. What is the world's oldest profession? (Hint: it's connected with sex, and involves women lying on beds with their legs apart.)

8. When did the Second World War begin, and which country started it?

9. Were there gas chambers in Dachau concentration camp? If so, how many prisoners died in them?

10. What do Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Sweden and the Philippines have in common?

11. Which of these songs is/are about drugs?

  1. Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul and Mary
  2. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles
  3. Tomorrow Never Knows by the Beatles
  4. Don't Bring Harry by the Stranglers
  5. Eight Miles High by the Byrds


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