Monkey Brain Feast

I received the information below from a Singaporean student in response to an inquiry I made after seeing discussion of this on an Asian newsgroup. I cannot vouch for its voracity. The subject is regularly discussed on alt.folklore.urban, and features in the alleged snuff movie Faces of Death.

Can you reply this message for me (regarding the Monkey brain meal). My mum has gave me the full details how they eat the monkey brain. She used to live in Kuala Lumper (sic) (capital of Malaysia, British colony then) when she was young. She lived in the Cantonese quaters in the city (Cantonese was the majority Chinese in the city). There was a shop in the neighbourhood that sells Ye Mei (Cantonese for Exotic food). She always play around that place and observed how the shopkeepers slaughter wild animals like wild boar, pythons and wild birds. There is always alot of customers entering the shop to savour these exotics. Once she observe the "Monkey Brain Feast". A monkey was caged with its head protructing out of a small hole on top of the cage. The customers would first shave the hair off the monkey. My mother told me that the monkey was extremely frighten and seem to realise that it is going to meet its end. Then they (the customers) would use a hammer and break open the monkey's head (while the monkey is struggling). They would then pour some wine in and eat the brain like that. Of course the monkey died in the end. However, my mum told me that there is also other ways of eating the monkey's brain. One more popular method is by first killing the monkey and take out its brain. The brain is then boiled in alcohol and eaten. My dad who came from China (Hainan Island) explain to me that eating exotics was a favourite pass time among the rich in the Southern region especially in the province of Guangdong (Canton). "Monkey Brain Feast" is probably not known in other regions. Anyway, in Chinese traditional medicine, eating monkey is not very healthy as it is extremely "heaty", ie people eating too much will get fever. Hope you all enjoy the story.

Hello again. You can mail it of course. My mother lived in 'Sultan Street' in Kuala Lumpur at that time. Anyway, the shop has long gone. Malaysia bans such kind of practice (they also have SPCA). I never heard of any place in Singapore that sells it (SPCA is also present in my country). I believe you may find this only in black markets in Southern China or HongKong. Nice talkin to you.

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