I announced the forthcoming release of Emblem, my Lisp implementation, on comp.lang.lisp on 18th February, 2003. The announcement generated a lively discussion, much of it critical. This came as something of a relief to me, as it's better than being either ignored or flamed to a crisp. Some people even mailed me requesting copies, which I sent to them a week later.

Emblem runs the Wiki and web server I used to enter these pages.

These 3d Images were rendered using Emblem's 3d code.

3d Graphics development is still in its early stages. The data used to render the images had to be entered by hand, which is tedious; I use a Pentium 100 which is slow by today's standards.

Open GL

Recently I decided to discontinue my 3d graphics system and switch to OpenGL, as writing its advanced features for my own 3d system would be much more effort than simply adding OpenGL hooks. Open GL is in any case an industry standard. It's not perfect, but it's good enough and pretty much ubiquitous. See All Hallows Kirk for images rendered using it. I have also written some terrain modelling code to be used eventually in Virtual Inchinnan.

I recently purchased an AMD64 machine (which is blisteringly fast), and have successfully ported Emblem to this. This took longer than expected.

Some Hacks written in Emblem.

The Fibonacci Function

Since the release, I have continued to improve Emblem. The types of values returned by functions and methods can now be declared, and the methods applicable to a given class are accessible. Graphical operations have been speeded up. Threading and event handling have been improved. Work on the new language Full Metal Jacket has begun, and a paper on it was included in the proceedings of the International Lisp Conference 2003.

Emblem runs on Linux, and maybe with a little effort on other Unices. It's free of charge for teaching and academic research, and for personal non-commercial use at home (see the Emblem License for more details). If you are interested in trying it out, mail me at images/address.gif

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