by Donald Fisk

These are the notes from an AI evening lecture course I gave at Hong Kong Productivity Council in 1987, so you should not be surprised to find it's a bit out of date now. In particular, the following topics are entirely absent:

The course comprised 20 hours of lectures, and so didn't go into too much depth.


  1. Introduction: Can a Machine Think?
  2. Propositional and Predicate Logic
  3. Alternative Logics: Modal Logic and Fuzzy Logic
  4. Structured Knowledge Representation: Semantic Nets and Frame Systems
  5. Augmented Transition Networks
  6. Forward Chaining Production Systems
  7. Backward Chaining Production Systems
  8. Search Algorithms
  9. Planning
  10. Metaknowledge
  11. Machine Learning, including:
  12. MYCIN: An Expert System for Medical Diagnosis
  13. AM and Eurisko: A Case Study of Discovery Learning
  14. Cognitive Science: How do People Think?
  15. Applying AI Techniques
  16. Bibliography

Copyright 1987 D. Fisk

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