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Take It From Here

Date # Title First Line
Series 1 1948, 29 shows
Joy Nicholls, Dick Bentley & Professor Jimmy Edwards
with Clarence Wright, Alan Dean & the Keynotes
Frank Cantell & the Augmented BBC Review Orchestra
Script: Frank Muir & Dennis Norden
Producer: Charles Maxwell
23 Mar 1948 A1 Lullaby Of Broadway / The Trial of Madame Z
30 Mar 1948 A2 Easter Parade / White Congo
6 Apr 1948 A3 Ballin’ The Jack / It Always Rains on My Seventh Upturned Executioner
13 Apr 1948 A4 Side By Side / Matinee on the Bounty
20 Apr 1948 A5 Missouri Waltz / Low Geste
27 Apr 1948 A6 I Don’t Know Why / Stooge Coach
4 May 1948 A7 The Wimpoles of Barrett Street
11 May 1948 A8 Bye Bye Blackbird / The Three Musketeers
18 May 1948 A9 Let’s Do It / The Search for Four Feathers
25 May 1948 A10 Carolina In The Morning / The Big House
1 Jun 1948 A11 Miss Annabel Lee / The Ghoul and Boris Show
8 Jun 1948 A12 The Knick Knack Song / He Knocked the Odd Man Out
15 Jun 1948 A13 You’re In Kentucky Sure As You’re Born / Goodbye Mr Chips
22 Jun 1948 A14 Pardon Me, Pretty Baby / Milk Train to Cowes (spy story)
29 Jun 1948 A15 Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams / Buffalo Bentley Rides Again
6 Jul 1948 A16 I’ll Never Say Never Again / Trouble at the Mill
13 Jul 1948 A17 In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree / Crime Does Not Pay
20 Jul 1948 A18 Peggy O’Neil / Egg Bound
27 Jul 1948 A19 Nebraska / There’s No Business Like Snow Business
3 Aug 1948 A20 Red, Red Robin / What’s Cooking on the Range?
10 Aug 1948 A21 Tiptoe Through The Tulips / Late Night Final Jimmy & Dick sing: Twenty-one Today
17 Aug 1948 A22 If I Had A Talking Picture Of You / White Congo [rpt of A2]
24 Aug 1948 A23 Balling The Jack / My Sister and I Jimmy: All right, all right, Bentley [about writing a song]
31 Aug 1948 A24 By The Light Of The Silvery Moon / If You Knew Swansea
7 Sep 1948 A25 Let’s Do It / No Room at the White Horse Inn
14 Sep 1948 A26 I’m Sitting On Top Of The World / Boobs on Broadway
21 Sep 1948 A27 Put Your Arms Around Me Honey / Debenture Unlimited
28 Sep 1948 A28 I’d Love To Live In Loveland / TIFH With Father
5 Oct 1948 A29 Crazy Rhythm / The Best Years of Our TIFH


Series 2 1948/49, 27 shows
Joy Nicholls, Dick Bentley & Professor Jimmy Edwards
with Wallas Eaton, Alan Dean & the Keynotes
Frank Cantell & the Augmented Review Orchestra
Script: Frank Muir & Dennis Norden
Producer: Charles Maxwell
28 Dec 1948 B1 Ain’t She Sweet / Once Aboard the Lugger
4 Jan 1949 B2 The Lady From 29 Palms / On a Highland With You
11 Jan 1949 B3 The Object Of My Affection / Welcome Home Jim Joy: Oh Dick, Dick, have you seen any sign of Jimmy?
18 Jan 1949 B4 Every Little While / You’re the Crime in My Café Jimmy: Bentley, Bentley, come here at once. The most astonishing thing has happened.
25 Jan 1949 B5 Little Girl / Forever Edwards Jimmy: Oh Joy, Joy, come here a moment. Have you noticed how busy Bentley has
1 Feb 1949 B6 Takin’ Miss Mary To The Ball / The Scarlet Pimple [see also I20] Jimmy: Oh Joy, what an extraordinary seven days it has been for me
8 Feb 1949 B7 We Just Couldn’t Say Goodbye / How Red Was My River
15 Feb 1949 B8 Ukulele Lady / The Goony Pig
22 Feb 1949 B9 Manãna / Much Binding in Morocco
1 Mar 1949 B10 Walking My Baby Back Home / Boy Meets Earl
8 Mar 1949 B11 You, You’re Driving Me Crazy / Lumbago Comes to Tarzan
15 Mar 1949 B12 Three Little Words / Obnoxious
22 Mar 1949 B13 Crazy Rhythm / Live at Portsmouth or Desert Island Risks Starts with whistle — show from Royal Naval Barracks Portsmouth
Dick: Jimmy, Jimmy, I can’t find her.
29 Mar 1949 B14 I’ve Told Every Little Star / A Song to Forget
5 Apr 1949 B15 Have You Ever Been Lonely? / The Healing TIFH
12 Apr 1949 B16 Easter Parade / Lousy, Come Home
19 Apr 1949 B17 In The Park In Paree / Forever Caramba Dick: Joy, Joy, there’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about for some time
26 Apr 1949 B18 The Keeper / The Way to the Tzars Jimmy: Bentley, Bentley, come here. I have a wonderful idea. Have you ever heard of
3 May 1949 B19 Down By The Station / Utility Crêpe [Horse racing film] Jimmy: Joy, Joy, come here. I’ve had a sensational idea for improving the show
10 May 1949 B20 Remember Me? / Robin Hood [see also I12] Joy: Jimmy, Jimmy, come here. You know it's Dick’s birthday on Friday?
17 May 1949 B21 Tip-Toe Through The Tulips / A Far Distant Shaw
24 May 1949 B22 My Heart Stood Still / Tip-toe Thro’ the Juleps
31 May 1949 B23 Japanese Sandman / Frankenstein Junior
7 Jun 1949 B24 What Can I Say Dear After I’ve Said I’m Sorry / Circus Playtime
14 Jun 1949 B25 Rhythm Of The Rain / Test Pilot
21 Jun 1949 B26 Rolling Round The World / Trilby
28 Jun 1949 B27 Just One Of Those Things / Egg-Bound [from A18]


Series 3 1949/50, 34 shows
Joy Nicholls, Dick Bentley & Professor Jimmy Edwards
with Wallas Eaton, Alan Dean & the Keynotes
Frank Cantell & the Augmented BBC Review Orchestra
Script: Frank Muir & Dennis Norden
Producer: Charles Maxwell
11 Oct 1949 C1 Kiss Me Sweet / Strauss in Your Hair Jimmy [distant] : All right sonny, all right sonny, you can bring my case into the studio
18 Oct 1949 C2 Confidentially / Sixty Seconds Got Together [Boxing film] Jimmy: Bentley, Bentley, are you ready? We’re late.
25 Oct 1949 C3 Hopscotch Polka / Africa Squeaks Jimmy: Joy, Joy, I’ve just had the most extraordinary note from Bentley
1 Nov 1949 C4 That’s My Weakness Now / Mrs Vinegar Rides Again Jimmy: Joy, Joy, come here you. I want you to come with me. Bentley is finally going
8 Nov 1949 C5 Winter Wonderland / Did Your Mother Come from Oiland?
15 Nov 1949 C6 Dreamer’s Holiday / Hail, Smiling Maugham
22 Nov 1949 C7 Snowy White Snowy / I’m Just Wild About Haroun
29 Nov 1949 C8 The Girl In The Green Hat / Discoveries of 1492
6 Dec 1949 C9 The Teddy Bears’ Picnic / The Browning Version
13 Dec 1949 C10 The Cab / When My Baby Swears at Me
20 Dec 1949 C11 Miss Annabel Lee / Stooge
27 Dec 1949 C12 Three Little Words / Low Jest
3 Jan 1950 C13 Crime on My Hands
10 Jan 1950 C14 Railway Song / Russian Boots
17 Jan 1950 C15 The Wedding Of The Painted Doll / Love in a Cold Climate
24 Jan 1950 C16 Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off / Bentley Takes the Count
31 Jan 1950 C17 Grandfather’s Clock / Chilblains’ Hour Joy: Dick, Dick, come here. Have you seen my false eyelashes anywhere?
7 Feb 1950 C18 Policemen’s Holiday / Nights at the Pin Table Jimmy: Hello, hello? That you, Bentley? I’m ringing you up to tell you
14 Feb 1950 C19 The Wearing of the Green
21 Feb 1950 C20 We’re A Couple Of Swells / Mind Over Mata
28 Feb 1950 C21 Six Times A Week And Twice On Sundays / My Friend Elizabeth Oh Mr Bentley, Mr Bentley, your telephone call’s come through, Mr Bentley, sir.
7 Mar 1950 C22 And All Because You Kissed Me Good Night / Ten Little Diggers Jimmy: Hey Joy, Joy, come here. Did you read in the paper that Bentley
14 Mar 1950 C23 Ain’t She Sweet / King’s Raspberry
21 Mar 1950 C24 Sweet Hortense / Song of India
28 Mar 1950 C25 Whistling Rufus / Six Crimes a Week and Vice on Sundays
4 Apr 1950 C26 I’ve Got Spurs That Jingle-Jangle-Jingle / Ideal Holmes Exposition
11 Apr 1950 C27 The Keeper / Quarter Latin
18 Apr 1950 C28 Chooin’ Gum / RLS More or Less [Jekyll & Hyde parody]
25 Apr 1950 C29 The Trek Song And Sarie Marie / FA Didn’t Care
2 May 1950 C30 Oh You Sweet One / If I Can Scalp Somebody As I Go Along
9 May 1950 C31 Frere Jacques / Government Filter
16 May 1950 C32 Tiddley Winkie Woo / The Hollywood Story
23 May 1950 C33 Wreckers’ Rendezvous
30 May 1950 C34 Let’s Do It / A Far Distant Shaw [From B21]


Series 4 1950/ 51, 31 shows
Joy Nicholls, Dick Bentley & Professor Jimmy Edwards
with Wallas Eaton, Herbert Mostyn & the Keynotes
Robert Busby & the Augmented BBC Review Orchestra
Script: Frank Muir & Dennis Norden
Producer: Charles Maxwell
24 Oct 1950 D1 Strawberry Fair / Jimmy Joins the BBC Research College or Soil Erosion Pre-credits - Wal: Platform changes, platform changes. The passengers arriving
Post-credits - [Train whistle in background] Jimmy: Ah well, Joy, Bentley, we're on our way, eh?
31 Oct 1950 D2 Kerry Dances / Juvenile Delinquency Pre-credits - Announcer: Appointments vacant. The principal of the BBC Research
Post-credits - Dick: Dear Jimmy, just a letter from your old pal Dick
5 Nov 1950 D3 Tzena Tzena / The Gypsy Dream Girl (musical of Oedipus Rex) (2 part)
12 Nov 1950 D4 Alouette / The Ti Konki Expedition
19 Nov 1950 D5 Early One Morning / Housing
26 Nov 1950 D6 John Peel / Now It Can Be Sold Jimmy: Joy, Joy, I’ve got to do something — it’s the talk of the college
3 Dec 1950 D7 Flying Saucer / Drinking
10 Dec 1950 D8 Twelve Days Of Christmas / Roland Butter, Poet
17 Dec 1950 D9 Just The Way You Are / Tom Brown’s Schooldays
24 Dec 1950 D10 Dry Bones / A Fairy Tale
31 Dec 1950 D11 Gimme Crack Corn / Gambling
7 Jan 1951 D12 Petite Waltz / Pardon My Rigor Mortis
14 Jan 1951 D13 One, Two, Three A-Lairah / The First Half-Century
21 Jan 1951 D14 Pigale / The Ascent of Widow’s Peak
28 Jan 1951 D15 She Wore A Little Jacket Of Blue / Sam Wilfred, Big Business Industrialist
4 Feb 1951 D16 Can I Canoe You Up The River? / Life Story Of Dai Brown, Flautist
11 Feb 1951 D17 Courtin’ In The Kitchen / Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
18 Feb 1951 D18 Stumbling / The Sheikh [Desert Madness]
25 Feb 1951 D19 A Penny A Kiss / King Solomon’s Mines
4 Mar 1951 D20 Ain’t Gonna Grieve / True Lives Magazine Story
11 Mar 1951 D21 Give Me The Moonlight / Lady Godiva
18 Mar 1951 D22 Da-Dim, Da-Dom / Richard The Lion Hearted!
25 Mar 1951 D23 Mockin’ Bird Hill / Moonbound
1 Apr 1951 D24 Minikins, Manikins, Mitzy Moo / Boswell’s London Journal
8 Apr 1951 D25 Sparrow On The Treetop / Census Day
15 Apr 1951 D26 Aba Daba Honeymoon / Construction Boss
22 Apr 1951 D27 Rose, Rose, I Love You / BBC Backstage Story
29 Apr 1951 D28 Destiny / Dracula
6 May 1951 D29 Wimmin! / Ruffles, The Gentleman Cracksman
13 May 1951 D30 Ball Of Kirriemuir / Politically Correct Cowboys & Indians
20 May 1951 D31 Sweet Jennie Lee / My Friend Elizabeth [from C21]


Series 5 1951/52, 26 shows
Joy Nicholls (E1 - E9; E19 - E26), Dick Bentley & Professor Jimmy Edwards
with Wallas Eaton, Herbert Mostyn & the Keynotes
The Augmented BBC Review Orchestra
Script: Frank Muir & Dennis Norden
Producer: Charles Maxwell
4 Dec 1951 E1 Just One Of Those Things / The London Telephone Directory
11 Dec 1951 E2 Christmas Chopsticks / Enrico Cupacoco, Tenor
18 Dec 1951 E3 You / Guns Along the Serpentine
25 Dec 1951 E4 Twelve Days Of Christmas / Scrooge Mark Five
1 Jan 1952 E5 At Sundown / Orchestra Husbands
8 Jan 1952 E6 The Trolley Song / Shakespeare Sings Again
15 Jan 1952 E7 Skip To My Lou / Captain Horatio Lawnmower RN
22 Jan 1952 E8 Down Yonder / Night Train to West Hartlepool
29 Jan 1952 E9 Varsity Drag / No Better Than She Should Be Jimmy: Well Joy, no doubt about it, we’ve ... the three of us have been together
5 Feb 1952 E10 Glory Of Love / Fanny and the King of Salaam
19 Feb 1952 E11 Saturday Rag / What Mr Butler Saw
26 Feb 1952 E12 The Lady Is A Tramp / The Radio Times Story
4 Mar 1952 E13 Stay Out Of The South / And So to Beard
11 Mar 1952 E14 Anything Goes / Behind The Big House
18 Mar 1952 E15 I Don’t Care / Underneath the Archers
25 Mar 1952 E16 True Loves And False Lovers / The Trial of Agnes Dugan
1 Apr 1952 E17 North Carolina / My Art and I
8 Apr 1952 E18 Around The Corner / The Fighting Forty Fourth
15 Apr 1952 E19 You’re Just In Love / Dead Wood Dick
22 Apr 1952 E20 He Had To Get Under / The African Jack
29 Apr 1952 E21 Gandy Dancers Ball / Big Cars I Love You
6 May 1952 E22 Pawnshop On The Corner / Viva Cascara
13 May 1952 E23 When I Take My Sugar To Tea / The Five Finger Exercise
20 May 1952 E24 You Brought A New Kind Of Love / The Darned Old Piers Show
27 May 1952 E25 The Boom Song / Odd Man In
3 Jun 1952 E26 Gently, Johnny / Lady Godiva [From D21] Dick: Well Joy, this is the last programme in the series.


Series 6 1953, 26 shows
Joy Nicholls, Dick Bentley & Professor Jimmy Edwards
with Wallas Eaton, Herbert Mostyn & the Keynotes
Paul Fenilhough & the Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra
Script: Frank Muir & Dennis Norden
Producer: Charles Maxwell
5 Jan 1953 F1 Pot Luck / Twelve and Six Highgate
12 Jan 1953 F2 Bone Dry / Desire Under the Milk Marketing Board
19 Jan 1953 F3 Johnny Goggabee / The Unfurnished Symphony
26 Jan 1953 F4 Love Of My Life / Rudolf Raisindial
2 Feb 1953 F5 If You Knew Susie / The Wooden Horse
9 Feb 1953 F6 Barrels ’n’ Barrels Of Roses / The Three Hot Sausages
16 Feb 1953 F7 Making Whoopee / Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Bay-Rum
23 Feb 1953 F8 Side By Side / Wake Up on the Bach There
2 Mar 1953 F9 Doggie In The Window / Low Noon
9 Mar 1953 F10 Downhearted / Love is a Dancing Thing
16 Mar 1953 F11 Hot Dog Rag / Poor Little Rich Boy
23 Mar 1953 F12 That Lucky Old Sun / Pride and Orange Juice
30 Mar 1953 F13 Pretty Little Black-Eyed Susie / The Breath of a Nation
6 Apr 1953 F14 Oh Happy Day / The Edwards Biography
13 Apr 1953 F15 Pardon Me Pretty Baby / Punch and Yehudi
20 Apr 1953 F16 Bottle Me Up / Outside of Helen Announcer: What your stars predict. For those engaged in commercial occupations
27 Apr 1953 F17 Seven Lonely Days / Svengali
4 May 1953 F18 Birth Of The Blues / Of Martian Men Announcer: Sale by auction. At Messrs Norberys on Thursday
11 May 1953 F19 That’s What Makes Paris Paree / Turn the Street Corner Softly
18 May 1953 F20 Tell Us Where The Good Times Are / Hup the Working Classes Announcer: Radio Gossip Column. Rumour had it, that for his forthcoming BBC series
25 May 1953 F21 Celebration Rag / The Legend of the Willow Pattern Plate
2 Jun 1953 F22 A Bushel And A Peck / The Happiest Days of Our TIFH
8 Jun 1953 F23 April In Portugal / Gwyn and Bear It
15 Jun 1953 F24 Rock And Roll / The Cruel BB Sea Announcer: It's Take It from HMS Indefatigable. Dick: Listeners, I think we should explain that this week, we're not doing our show from
22 Jun 1953 F25 I Know That You Know / Costume Piece
29 Jun 1953 F26 Just One Of Those Things / The Darned Old Piers Show [From E24]


Series 7 1953/54, 26 shows
Dick Bentley & Professor Jimmy Edwards
with Wallas Eaton, Alma Cogan, June Whitfield, Herbert Mostyn & the Keynotes
Harry Rabinovitz & the Augmented BBC Review Orchestra
Script: Frank Muir & Dennis Norden
Announcer: David Dunhill
Producer: Charles Maxwell
12 Nov 1953 G1 Eth is Introduced / Pygmalion Jimmy: Hang on, hang on! Whoa back, Dunners. Who do you think’s going to
Mr Glum: Well Ethel, it’s not every day that a father has the chance to give his son’s
19 Nov 1953 G2 The Maisonnette / Mona Lisa Dick: Yes Jimmy, I’m very happy about the two girls
Ron [sings] Seven Lonely Nights Eth: Oh no Ron, you don’t seem to be getting the hang
26 Nov 1953 G3 Does Modern Interior Decoration... / The Hooded Terror & Dick Barton [Knock on door] Jimmy: Come in! Ah, Miss Whitfield! Come in, my dear
Note that this opening sketch may be used for show G6
3 Dec 1953 G4 Budgets / Trawler Fishing
10 Dec 1953 G5 Wedding Guest List / Rocketship to the Moon
17 Dec 1953 G6 Ron’s Lesson in Tact / The Country Doctor [see also I4] Opening: see G3
Eth: It’s a choir boy cut, Ron, it’s the very latest thing.
24 Dec 1953 G7 Christmas Sardines / The Woodchopper and the Princess
31 Dec 1953 G8 Eth Gets Her Engagement Ring / Dinner for One Please, James Jimmy: I say, Bentley, you are limping badly
Eth: Oh Ron, take it out the box. Oh Ron, my very first engagement ring
7 Jan 1954 G9 Eth’s First Meal / Rasputin Dick: Jimmy, I tell you this chap Norman Wisdom
Eth: Oh Ron! Sorry your Mum’s cold’s worse. Still, it did give me the opportunity
14 Jan 1954 G10 Eth’s Pre-Wedding Anxiety / The Highwaymen Jimmy: I can’t understand it, Bentley. Why should they pick on you?
Eth: Ron, your face has gone peculiar. You’re thinking, aren’t you?
21 Jan 1954 G11 Ron’s Moustache / Gaiety Girl Breach of Promise / Polly Potter Sketch Dick: Jimmy, you know that autobiography you wrote last year?
Eth: Oh Ron! It’s ever so nice and peaceful, just sitting in front of the blazing fire
28 Jan 1954 G12 The First Wedding Present / The Sacred Scarab of Salome Jimmy: Bentley, you remember all those sly little jokes we made about the chancellor of the exchequer?
Eth: Oh Ron! Isn’t it exciting? Look, I’ve unwrapped it. Our first wedding present.
4 Feb 1954 G13 Eth’s Cold / The American Couple Jimmy: Bentley, you’ve been somewhat pensive all day
Eth: Oh Ron! Haven’t I ..[sneeze] Ron: Bless you Eth.
11 Feb 1954 G14 Will Ritualistic Taboos Succumb... / Doctor Chu Manfu
18 Feb 1954 G15 Is Heredity More Important Eugenically Than... / The Old Tivoli
25 Feb 1954 G16 The Wedding Dress / Shangri-La Jimmy: For heaven’s sake, Bentley, cheer up. All day, you've been moping
Eth: Oh Ron! Not long now, is it? Ron: No, Eth. Eth: Only a few more weeks
4 Mar 1954 G17 Is It Better to Work at a Task... / Stenchley United Football Team Jimmy: No Bentley, it’s no use arguing with me, my mind is made up.
This opening may be attached to H2
11 Mar 1954 G18 Ron Gets Sacked / The Return of the First Husband Dick: Jimmy, you’re just power-mad. Why don’t you give up this idea of running
Eth: Oh Ron! It’s so exciting, seeing you home from your first day at work.
18 Mar 1954 G19 Ron’s Jealousy / Henry VIII Dick: I tell you Jimmy, if others can cash in, so can we. Have you seen this stunt
Eth: Oh Ron! Please stop sulking. It’s not like you to be jealous.
25 Mar 1954 G20 Ron Goes to Night School / Cornish Smuggling [From G23 - see note] / Paul Grosgrain, Painter Dick: Jimmy, I want you to read this. It’s the back of a card I got out of a weighing
Eth: Oh Ron! I'm so thrilled. You’re always doing something surprising.
1 Apr 1954 G21 The Pools / Palaeolithic Man / Stone Age Sketch Dick: Come on Jimmy, come on Jimmy, co-operate. All I want to do is take
Eth: Oh Ron! Every time I fill up this football coupon, I think the same thing
8 Apr 1954 G22 Eth Knits A Pullover / The Tea Room Trio / Tea Shop Music Sketch Jimmy: You mean you're going somewhere else for a holiday this year, Bentley?
Eth: Oh Ron! It’s the first pullover I’ve ever knitted.
15 Apr 1954 G23 Ron is Aquarius, Eth is Capricorn / Cornish Smuggling
22 Apr 1954 G24 Honeymoon Plans / The Student Prince / Vienna Sketch Dick: Eh, Jim? Jimmy: Yes, Bent? Dick: Eh Jim, I’ve been asked to approach you
Eth: Oh Ron! Time’s getting on. We really must start discussing the honeymoon.
29 Apr 1954 G25 Can One Avoid National Service By... / The Mystery of the Wax Museum
6 May 1954 G26 Does Love Fly Out... / Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Orange-Juice’ [From F12]


Series 8 1954/55, 26 shows
Dick Bentley & Professor Jimmy Edwards
with Wallas Eaton, Alma Cogan, June Whitfield & the Keynotes
Announcer: David Dunhill
Clive Games or Harry Rabinovitz & the Augmented BBC Review Orchestra
Script: Frank Muir & Dennis Norden
Producer: Charles Maxwell
9 Dec 1954 H1 Ron & Eth are Reunited / Beau Brummell
16 Dec 1954 H2 Faults / American Cop Movie Start unknown, but see G17
Eth: Oh Ron! Isn’t it lovely, just sitting here on the sofa, toasting our toes?
23 Dec 1954 H3 Christmas / Court Martial of Major Beamish Jimmy: I’ve had Christmas shopping, Bentley. What an afternoon
Eth: Oh Ron! What a wonderful Christmas. When Mr Glum passed round the plates
30 Dec 1954 H4 New Year’s Eve / Africa Story / African adventure Dick: Well, Jim, Do you realise we’ve been together for seven years?
Eth: Oh Ron! It’s New Year’s Eve. Don't let’s sit in. I want to go out and do something
6 Jan 1955 H5 When Considering a Wedding Day... / Factory Folk
13 Jan 1955 H6 If a Lady Asks a Gentleman to Walk... / Swiss Family Robinson
20 Jan 1955 H7 The Family Tiff / The Clifton Suspension Bridge Dick: Thank you, thank you. Listeners, as you may have guessed from the
Eth: Oh Ron! I did have a fright when I saw the fire engine outside your house.
27 Jan 1955 H8 Eth Phones Home / Harley Street Jimmy: What's the matter with you, Bentley? Ever since we got back from Bristol
Eth: Oh Ron! The number’s ringing, but there’s no re ... oh! Hello? Mrs Galloway?
3 Feb 1955 H9 Mrs Glum’s Leg in Plaster / The Mystery of Maltravers Grange / Murder Mystery Dick: Jim, I don’t want to pry, but for the last few days, you’ve been sort of
Eth: Oh Ron! Look at the state this kitchen is in.
10 Feb 1955 H10 Family Favourites / The New Headmistress Dick: Look Jim, Jim, if I wanted June Whitfield to go to a show with me
Eth: Oh Ron! What a lovely surprise for your mother. Lying up there with her poor
17 Feb 1955 H11 Mrs Glum’s Welcome Back / The Escaped Convict / Gaol Break June: Look, Dick. Dick: What is it, June? June: I just don’t know how to tell Jimmy
Eth: Oh Ron! Isn’t it exciting? Your Mum coming down stairs.
24 Feb 1955 H12 Ron Plans To Emigrate / Hollywood / Tivoli Theatre Sketch [From G15 - see note] Dick: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. And now, a short stanza from The May Queen
Eth: Oh Ron! I can’t think, I'm so thunderstruck.
3 Mar 1955 H13 Ron Leaves For Australia / Hiawatha Jimmy: Now you see the difficulties, don't you Bentley? Dick: What? Jimmy: I want to
Eth: Oh Ron! It just doesn't seem possible you’re really emigrating
10 Mar 1955 H14 Ron is in Trouble With the Police / Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde / Jekyll and Hyde [Euphonium] Dick: Jimmy, Jimmy, what’s happening? What’s happening?
Eth: Oh Ron! Whatever the outcome, I shall stick by you.
17 Mar 1955 H15 Ron on Probation / BOA Jim Air Charter Service Dick: Jimmy, Jimmy, it’s out of the question. You can’t ask people to do it
Eth: Oh Ron! Fancy the magistrate being so severe.
24 Mar 1955 H16 A-Line Dresses / Probation officer Jimmy: It’s no good, Bentley, I’m giving up. Six weeks I’ve been paying court
[Crowd noise] Commissionaire: Queueing in all parts, all parts queueing
31 Mar 1955 H17 If We Are Put On This Earth... / The Strange Affair of Major Dawlish
7 Apr 1955 H18 The Test of Time on Ron & Eth’s Love / Lighthouse Keepers Dick: Jimmy, don't say I didn’t warn you. I told you what would happen
Eth: Oh Ron! Has our love lost its magic?
14 Apr 1955 H19 The Crossword / Monte Carlo Casino Tragedy Dick: Oh Jimmy, how hardhearted can you get?
Eth: Oh Ron! Isn’t it nice, sitting here on the sofa, quietly doing the crossword together?
21 Apr 1955 H20 Ron’s Crew Cut / Top-Of-The-Bill Postman Dick: All right, Jimmy, I’ll give it to you straight
Eth: Oh Ron! I can read you like a book. When you’ve got that mysterious expression
28 Apr 1955 H21 Planning a Whitsun Wedding / Pepe Le Moko of the Casbah Dick: I tell you Jimmy, the BBC has just got to raise my salary
Eth: Oh Ron! The weeks. And the months. They drag by, and we’re still just, engaged
5 May 1955 H22 Selecting a Page Boy / The Sex Change Experiment / Sex-Change Liquid Dick: I know it’s easy to scoff at hypnotism, Jim
Eth: Oh Ron! Ever since we’ve definitely decided our wedding’s to be Whitsun
12 May 1955 H23 Wedding present lists / Lucretia Borgia Dick: Oh Jim! You can try to laugh it off, but I’ve known for many years
Eth: Oh Ron! So many arrangements. There’s the bridesmaids’ dresses, the posies
19 May 1955 H24 Ron considers his upbringing / Circus Story Dick: Jimmy, since you showed me over your farm last week,
Eth: Oh Ron! Only another fortnight! A mere two weeks.
26 May 1955 H25 Is it true that there are only two basic ideas...? or Wedding day [From H26 - see note] / King Arthur Dick: Jimmy, I’ve finally made up my mind — I’m definitely going back to Australia
2 Jun 1955 H26 Ron & Eth’s wedding day arrives / The Old Tivoli [From G15]  
Mr Glum: Afternoon Ted, Auntie Lil. Glad your leg let you come.


Series 9 1955/56, 25 shows + 1 repeat
Dick Bentley & Professor Jimmy Edwards
with Alma Cogan, June Whitfield, Wallas Eaton, Herbert Mostyn & the Keynotes
Announcer: David Dunhill
Harry Rabinovitz & the Augmented BBC Review Orchestra
Script: Frank Muir & Dennis Norden
Producer: Charles Maxwell
11 Oct 1955 I1 At the pictures / Shoddy in Toytown
18 Oct 1955 I2 Ron & Eth to run a sweet shop / Matrimonial Agency Jimmy: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Well, we’re taking rather an unprecedented
Eth: Oh Ron! This is a heaven-sent opportunity, Ron
25 Oct 1955 I3 The sweet shop stock / Madam Butterfly Dick: Jimmy, I don’t like bothering you with my personal problems, but
Eth: Oh Ron! Just look at this pile of sweets everywhere.
1 Nov 1955 I4 The sweet shop opens / The Country Doctor [see also G6] Dick: Jimmy, I say Jimmy, look. Jimmy: What, Bentley? Jimmy: An invitation to a fireworks party.
Eth: Oh Ron! Every time I look round the shop, I’m so happy I could cry.
8 Nov 1955 I5 The sweet shop takings are stolen / The Iron Duke Show in circulation with I6 opening sketch — see note
Eth: Oh Ron! The first of my dreams has come true.
15 Nov 1955 I6 Ron drunk after returning home from dance with Eth / The Time Machine Dick: Jim, Jim, I tell you this is the most wonderful idea.
22 Nov 1955 I7 Ron has the flu / The Young Lovers
29 Nov 1955 I8 Repeat of G9
6 Dec 1955 I9 Electricity blackout / Marie Celeste
13 Dec 1955 I10 Christmas presents / The Helping Hand
20 Dec 1955 I11 Ron & Eth go to Eth’s for Christmas / Christmas Slush Story
27 Dec 1955 I12 Aftermath of a Glum Christmas / Robin Hood [see also B20] Dick: I tell you Jimmy, this show needs some bright new ideas.
Eth: Oh Ron! I’ve never seen a room in such a state.
3 Jan 1956 I13 New Year’s resolutions / The Murder Trial Dick: Jim, let me explain it again. This newspaper is running a competition
Eth: Oh Ron! What are you holding a ruler on top of your head for?
10 Jan 1956 I14 The gas manager / The Pantomime Horse Jimmy: You see, Bentley, it came over me last week
Eth: Oh Ron! My mother came out with it over supper, in so many words
17 Jan 1956 I15 The agony column / The Prison Governor’s Story Dick: I tell you, Jimmy, the parking problem round here is just murder now.
Eth: Oh Ron! My mother hardly leaves off about it at all now.
24 Jan 1956 I16 Elopement plans / William Tell Jimmy: Bentley, it worked. You said if I changed my tactics
Eth: Oh Ron! The whole atmosphere at home is just becoming completely unbearable.
31 Jan 1956 I17 Elopement day / Marple Hall School Jimmy: Now look here Bentley, for the umpteenth time, I didn't dream it.
Eth: Oh Ron! Just think, tonight’s the night. Operation No Sleep.
7 Feb 1956 I18 The amateur dramatic society / The World War II Boffin / Operation Damp Roll-on Dick: Didn’t you honestly see this chap, Jim, when the audience here was
Eth: Oh Ron! If you only knew how much I longed to be your wife.
14 Feb 1956 I19 Ron as Nöel Coward in Private Lives (1) / Ghost Story
21 Feb 1956 I20 Ron in Private Lives (2) / The Scarlet Pimple [see also B6] Dick: Gosh, you know Bentley, I'm not looking forward to this interview at all
Eth: Oh Ron! Everybody's going to come along and see you.
28 Feb 1956 I21 The cold spell / Coffee Bar
6 Mar 1956 I22 Ron has a splinter / Cowboy Story Announcer: Thank you! Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight, Take It From Here has the
Eth: Oh Ron! You're not your usual self at all. Your face is as white as a sheet.
14 Mar 1956 I23 At the Ideal Home Exhibition / Harry’s High Class Hairdressing Jimmy: Bentley I tell you, you do need exercise.
Eth: I don’t think we should be doing this.
21 Mar 1956 I24 Consulting the dictionary / The David Dunhill Murder Dick: No, you can’t fool me, Jim, There's something subtly different about you
Eth: Oh Ron! I could have you read aloud to me for hours.
28 Mar 1956 I25 After Eth’s office dance / Casanova
4 Apr 1956 I26 Mrs Glum leaves [see also K3 & M17] / Hiawatha [From H13]


Series 10 1957, 20 shows
Dick Bentley, Professor Jimmy Edwards & June Whitfield
with Wallas Eaton & the Keynotes
Announcer: Brian Matthew
Harry Rabinovitz & the Augmented BBC Review Orchestra
Script: Frank Muir & Dennis Norden
Producer: Charles Maxwell
2 Jan 1957 J1 Ron goes on Money or Nothing Jim: Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is the 250th edition of
Mr Glum: Same again, please landlord. Here’s the glasses. 5 pints of brown and mild.
9 Jan 1957 J2 The Glums take in a lodger Dick: Oh it makes you sick. I’ll never listen to those so-called experts again.
Ted: ’Ere, Mr Glum. My, er, my wife told me you had a card up in the
16 Jan 1957 J3 Ron the babysitter / Ron babysits Jimmy: Well Bentley, it’s rolled round again.
Mr Glum: Landlord, please, have some human pity. Only just got in.
23 Jan 1957 J4 The sale-priced bedroom suite / Queueing at the sales Jimmy: Bentley, I don’t believe it. You mean that you've won £40, just for writing
Ted: You know, with that cold of yours, Mr Glum, you ain’t no business to be out.
30 Jan 1957 J5 The Glums locked out
6 Feb 1957 J6 Ron’s will bequest / Uncle Ernie’s will Dick: Well, Jim, I’ve been singing on the show for five weeks now.
Ted: By the way, why are you on brandy tonight?
13 Feb 1957 J7 Ron gets amnesia Jimmy: Bentley, you’ve simply got to pay me that £5 you owe me! I need the money.
Ted: We ain’t seen you in here, past couple of nights. Mr Glum: No, Ted, I couldn’t
20 Feb 1957 J8 How Ron and Eth first met Jimmy: For heaven’s sake, Bentley, cheer up. Honestly, you’re getting on everybody’s
Ted: You look very pensive tonight, very quiet you’ve been, Mr Glum.
27 Feb 1957 J9 Glums on the Serpentine Start of show missing
Ted: Come on, Mr Glum, don’t just sit there brooding. You’ve been looking very morose
6 Mar 1957 J10 The fancy dress ball
13 Mar 1957 J11 Ron plans to emigrate / Ron wants to emigrate [H12 & H13 - see note] Dick: Well it's true, I'm afraid, Jim, one of our scriptwriters is off sick
Mr Glum: Same again, please Ted. I might as well have the other half.
20 Mar 1957 J12 Burgled by Uncle Charlie Start of show missing
Ted: I must say, Mr Glum, you’re very cheerful tonight. You pulled off another of your
27 Mar 1957 J13 Ron’s pet tortoise
3 Apr 1957 J14 Ron’s birth certificate Jim: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Well, listeners, I think I should explain
Mr Glum: Don’t you talk to me about licences and Acts of Parliament, Ted
10 Apr 1957 J15 Mr Glum gets stuck in the bath Start of show missing
Ted: Get finished up early, tonight’s me bath night.
17 Apr 1957 J16 Ron’s Yul Brynner haircut
24 Apr 1957 J17 Eth v Mr Glum consent battle / Consent battle Dick: Jim, look what I’m offering you. The greatest opportunity I’ve ever put your way
Ted: You seem very pleased with yourself tonight, Mr Glum. Usually when you come
1 May 1957 J18 Ron’s lucky day Jimmy: Look, Bentley, it’s not the idea of managing a boxer that I object to
Ted: Don’t you sit there, staring in your glass. Here, you seem very thoughtful tonight
8 May 1957 J19 The Glums dine out Dick: Well Jim, I’ve written out the announcement in the press.
Ted: You haven’t half a long face on you. ’Ere, what’s the matter then, Mr Glum?
15 May 1957 J20 The Glums visit Eth’s father Dick: Jim, I want you to be absolutely sure.
Ted: You know, Mr Glum, I’ve been thinking. All these family happenings


Series 11 1958, 20 shows
Dick Bentley & Professor Jimmy Edwards
with June Whitfield, Wallas Eaton & the Keynotes
Harry Rabinovitz & the BBC Review Orchestra
Announcer: John Hobday
Script: Frank Muir & Dennis Norden
Producer: Charles Maxwell
8 Jan 1958 K1 Cousin Wilbraham arrives Dick [sings]: Oh the jokes are done by everyone, but the best thing in TIFH is me.
Ted: Seen you in here for some time, Mr Glum. Mr Glum: No Ted, you haven’t.
15 Jan 1958 K2 Ron's tattoo Dick: Oh Jim, this is the greatest idea I’ve ever had.
Ted: There's something I’ve been meaning to ask you for some time.
22 Jan 1958 K3 Mrs Glum leaves [see also I26 & M17] Dick: Come on Jim, out with it, out with it. You didn’t invite me down to your farm
[Phone rings] Mr Purbright: Hello, this is the Marriage Guidance Bureau here.
29 Jan 1958 K4 How Ron and Eth first became engaged Dick: Here you are Jim. Here it is, written out in block capitals
Ted: You’ve been looking very thoughtful tonight. Mr Glum: Yes, well I have been
5 Feb 1958 K5 The Glums’ house on fire / The Glums’ House Catches Fire Dick: Easy now Jim. Take it easy. Lean on me. The doctor says you mustn’t put
Ted: I maintain you’ve put back quite a few tonight. Do you need any help
12 Feb 1958 K6 Ron’s head caught in the park railings / Oh My Love Jimmy: Well now, listeners, recently there’s been a spate of rather turgid films
Ted: What's that you’ve been reading so intently?
19 Feb 1958 K7 The Glum Bagwash Service / Green Grow the Rushes Jimmy: But Bentley, you made a definite promise, in the full hearing of the whole cast
Ted: You wasn’t in here last Tuesday. That’s the first night you've missed since the Blitz.
26 Feb 1958 K8 Ron, the artist’s model Jimmy: Today we announce a scoop. We have received first radio rights
Ted: Mr Glum. Didn’t I, er, didn’t I see your name in the local paper a couple of weeks
5 Mar 1958 K9 The train trip to Brighton / Platform tickets Jimmy: Well now listeners, this week we have a new feature, which is entitled “Soho Beat”
Ted: That son of yorn, that Ron. Wasn’t he laid up?
12 Mar 1958 K10 Eth’s £42/13/8 tax refund / Red River Rose Jimmy: Bentley, for goodness sake! All day long you’ve had your nose stuck in that
Ted: Have you thought about where you’re going for a holiday this year yet?
19 Mar 1958 K11 Ron the budgerigar teacher Jimmy: Well listeners, we’re trying something quite new this week. Cop this.
Ted: Carrying on with our discussion, that there son of yorn, that Ron.
26 Mar 1958 K12 10th anniversary programme [see note] [Happy Birthday tune] Jimmy: Well listeners, those of you who can still afford to buy
[No Glums in this 10th anniversary programme]
2 Apr 1958 K13 Mr Glum borrows next door’s furniture Jimmy: Oh Bentley, you are a philistine!
Mr Glum: Hello Ted, I never saw you last week, did I? Ted: That Ron of yours.
9 Apr 1958 K14 Eth’s old flame Jimmy: Well listeners, over on the television service, the BBC are doing their little nuts
Ted: ’Ere Mr Gum. Ho ho! That's a smashing black eye you've got there.
16 Apr 1958 K15 Eth is accused of stealing Dick: Yes Jim, I was turning out this old suit case, and by golly, it was a sentimental
Ted: I must say, you seem very pleased with yourself tonight.
23 Apr 1958 K16 Ron’s new suit [see also M13] Jimmy: Well listeners, it seems that, as far as entertainment is concerned, the board
Ted: Saw your boy, Ron, yesterday. Hardly recognised him.
30 Apr 1958 K17 A role model for Ron / Daddy’s boy Dick: Jim, I was so glad to hear them sing that song again, the other night.
Ted: Was you trying to catch my eye earlier on?
7 May 1958 K18 A Saga of Sixpence Jimmy: Ah Bentley, when I was in my bath yesterday, I had a thought
Ted: You’ve been knocking ’em back pretty steady tonight, ain’t you?
14 May 1958 K19 Ron’s grandfather Well, listeners, something new in TIFH this week. Well, something new to TIFH.
Ted: Don’t start making yourself comfortable, it’s closing time.
21 May 1958 K20 Eth arranges the wedding Jim: Well listeners, this is the last show of the present season.
Ted: Well when he was in here with you last night, he spent the whole evening just


Series 12 1958/59, 16 shows
Dick Bentley, Professor Jimmy Edwards & June Whitfield
with Wallas Eaton & the Keynotes
Harry Rabinovitz & the BBC Review Orchestra
Script: Frank Muir & Dennis Norden
Producer: Charles Maxwell
27 Nov 1958 L1 The Glums move a bed Dick: Thank you, and to start our new series of TIFH, we’re bring you something
Ted: What’s this news I hear about your Ron and his Eth?
4 Dec 1958 L2 Ron joins the police Dick: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. On Mr Edwards’ recent visit to Paris.
Ted: Rosie! I just realised something. Mr Glum ain’t been in tonight.
11 Dec 1958 L3 Ron needs a dinner suit Jimmy: I don’t know, Bentley, I don’t know. A nephew! A nephew of 17.
Ted: Rosie! At 5:30, you open the saloon bar, I’ll do the public.
18 Dec 1958 L4 The Christmas raffle Dick: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. That distinguished critic, Mr Lionel Hale
Mr Glum: Just going, Ted, just going. Had a nasty attack there, for a minute.
25 Dec 1958 L5 The Glums at Christmas Announcer: It’s Christmas night. Of all nights in the year
Eth: Oh Ron! I think this time of night is the nicest part of Christmas Day.
1 Jan 1959 L6 Ron changes his name Dick [sings] It was a lover and his lass.
Ted: No, no, it’s no use you looking at me all pathetic. I will not lend you that money
The Glums segment from show K10 [s11e10], included in some copies of this show
8 Jan 1959 L7 The Glums are locked in a store Dick: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we present the first in a new series
Ted: What’s this I hear about you being sued by that large department store?
15 Jan 1959 L8 Ron gets trapped in a sofa bed Dick: Thank you, thank you. Well, ladies and gentlemen, if there’s one profession
Ted: I must say, Mr Glum, you’ve been very quiet tonight.
22 Jan 1959 L9 Ron and Eth’s wedding reception His Grace: Waiter, three more brandies and soda, please. I say, Edwards, haven’t seen
Ted: How’s that boozy pal of yours, with you?
29 Jan 1959 L10 Mr Glum tries to sell the house Dick: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve read those intrepid tales of escape
Ted: Tell you what, you have the last one on me.
5 Feb 1959 L11 Ron and Eth plan to elope Jimmy: Thank you for that spontaneous applause! This week, ladies and gentlemen
Ted: How’s your son’s wedding arrangements proceeding, eh?
12 Feb 1959 L12 Ron and Eth inspect a flat Jimmy: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for that delicious eruption of applause
Ted: I ain’t seen your son Ron around these evenings lately. Mr G: No, no, Ted, that you
19 Feb 1959 L13 Mr Glum’s honeymoon promise Dick: Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is sad to note that in the modern world
Ted: Now, Mr Glum, don’t just sit there, crying in your brown. I’m not lending you
26 Feb 1959 L14 The eternity ring Dick: Ladies and gentlemen, all London is flocking to see a new musical
Ted: Why are you sitting there, looking so disconsolate?
5 Mar 1959 L15 Ron’s steamship job Dick: Thank you. Well, ladies and gentlemen, these young rock and roll singers
Ted: Not long now, eh, before your Ron and Eth tie the knot, eh?
12 Mar 1959 L16 Ron and Eth’s wedding day Ted: Time gentlemen please! Come along, gentlemen please! Its three o’clock


Series 13 1959/60, 20 shows
Jimmy Edwards, Dick Bentley & June Whitfield
with Wallas Eaton, Toni Eden (M1 - M13), Sid Phillips and his Band (M1 - M11?), The Polka Dots (M12 - M20)
Announcer: Douglas Smith
Harry Rabinovitz and the BBC Review Orchestra
Script: Eric Merriman & Barry Took (& Marty Feldman)
Producer: Charles Chilton
22 Oct 1959 M1 Ron feigns amnesia Jimmy: Listeners, do not adjust your sets. Welcome to yet another series
Ted: Come on now, Mr Bilson. Mr B: Good health, Ted. Whatever become of that
29 Oct 1959 M2 Ron is taken to the pictures Dick: My fiends, I should like to thank you for your response to my plans
Ted: It’s been like old times, hearing you pour out your troubles
5 Nov 1959 M3 Ron regains his memory Wal: Well Jim, I congratulate you on your new appointment as treasurer of the
Ted: Is that your young Ron still suffering, then, from loss of memory?
12 Nov 1959 M4 Ron learns French Dick: Hello! Bentley Service Fund Institute. Commander in chief speaking.
Ted: Here’s your usual, Mr Glum. Mr Glum: Ah, thank you Ted! Brown ale!
19 Nov 1959 M5 Ron the actor Dick: Well Jimmy, this is it. At last there’s enough money to start building the Richard
Ted: Mr Glum, you’re looking down in the mouth tonight. Mr G: I know Ted.
26 Nov 1959 M6 Ron the athlete Dick: Jimmy, I just don’t get it. Jimmy: Perhaps you don’t go to the right places!
Ted: You have one for the road, Mr Glum? Mr Glum: Need you ask, Ted?
3 Dec 1959 M7 Mr and Mrs Glum quarrel Dick: Thank you gentlemen for that superb rendition. Jimmy: All right, you lot
Mr Glum [sings]: The night they invented brown ale, they thought of you and me
10 Dec 1959 M8 Ron the newspaper boy Jimmy: Oh dear, oh dear. Oh thank you, I really find that signature tune exhausting
Ted: You’ll have to move. Mr Glum: I’m pleased to announce, Ted, I can’t.
17 Dec 1959 M9 Carol singing Dick: Jimmy, Jimmy, you’ll never guess what they’ve discovered on the site
Mr Glum: I’ll have another brown ale. Ted: I’m sorry, Mr Glum, no more drinks on
24 Dec 1959 M10 The Christmas party Dick: Mr Rabinovitz! Ah Harry, compliments of the season.
Ted: Well, Mr Glum. Why wasn’t you in here last night?
31 Dec 1959 M11 The light that failed Dick: Well, Jimmy, you’re looking fresh. Good to see you’ve recovered from last night’s
Mr Glum: ’Ere, Ted, I’ve got time for one more, haven’t I? Ted: Oh yes. A brown, I
7 Jan 1960 M12 The fancy dress ball Jimmy: Oh Bentley, my dear, dear, dear, dear old friend! How’s that splendid
Ted: Now how’s Ron and Eth these days? Mr Glum: Now, don’t you start.
14 Jan 1960 M13 Ron’s new suit {see also K16] Jimmy: Ah, Bentley, I’ve been giving your theatre some thought, lately
Ted: Mr Glum, whatever’s the matter? It’s funny to see you come lurching in here
21 Jan 1960 M14 Mr Glum loses a wager Dick: Y’know, Jimmy, I’m getting a bit worried. The Richard Bentley Theatre
Ted: I see you’ve had leather patches put on an old jacket of yours.
28 Jan 1960 M15 Ron learns ju-jitsu Jimmy: Bentley, why are you dressed in that absurd naval costume?
Mr Glum: Tonight, I was only singing to keep me spirits up.
4 Feb 1960 M16 The masked bandit Dick: So, ah, Jimmy, I still can’t make up my mind about the opening production
Ted: I suspose you want another one, Mr Glum? Mr Glum: Huh! Need you ask, Ted?
11 Feb 1960 M17 Mrs Glum leaves Jimmy: Bentley! Why are you scanning that newspaper with such nauseating smugness?
Mr Glum: Almost my last brown ale, you know. Yes, I’m emigrating
18 Feb 1960 M18 Mr Glum sells the furniture Jimmy: Bentley, Bentley! Why on Earth are you dressed in that bizarre fashion?
Ted: Well, Mr Glum, you’re off to Australia in three weeks then, eh?
25 Feb 1960 M19 Ron learns to swim [Telephone rings] June: Hello? BBC Television News, controller speaking
Ted: It’s a sobering thought - it’s almost your last visit, ennit, to this pub.
3 Mar 1960 M20 The Glums leave for Australia Jimmy: Well, well, Bentley, I never thought it would happen. Tonight is the opening
Announcer: England is facing an era of new prosperity — the Glums are emigrating to


G20 The 20th show of series 7, originally broadcast on 25 Mar 1954, was the programme’s 6th anniversary. Presumably to allow radio stations to use the show anywhere during re-runs, the BBC produced a re-edited version of this show, including segments from H5 and G23. For the final sketch, Cornish Smuggling, from G23, was substituted for the original Paul Grosgrain, Painter. This re-edited version is the one normally available now.

H12 The 12th show of series 8, originally broadcast on 24 Feb 1955, also only seems to be available in a “compilation” form, containing the final sketch from G15, The Old Tivoli, instead of Hollywood.

H25 The 25th show of series 8, originally broadcast on 26 May 1955, also only seems to be available in a “compilation” form, containing the Glums sketch from H26, Ron & Eth’s wedding day , instead of Ron considers his upbringing.

I5 Another “compilation” show! Series 9 show 5 in circulation, originally broadcast on 1 Nov 1955, has the opening sketch, The £1000 give-away quiz from I6, instead of Meeting Wal, Programme Controller.

J11 Scriptwriter Dennis Norden was ill when he should have been writing the 11th show in the 10th series, and so the programme, broadcast on 13 Mar 1957, was mainly made up of sketches from previous shows. The Glums segment had Ron deciding to emigrate to Australia (one of several sketches with this theme), and used the scripts originally broadcast in shows 12 and 13 from series 8 (H12 & H13).

K12 The 12th show of the 11th series was Take it from Here’s 10th anniversary show, and it featured classic sketches from the 10-year run. Included were: NHS song to the tune of Tico Tico [from 1948]; Old Wal from the Buildings: Alf and the moving staircase steps; Dick’s “Oh Mavis” character from the early shows; The Keynotes with Just One Of Those Things; Johnny Johnston from The Keynotes faces criticism of song choice; June joins the cast: Pygmalion [from G1]; Charles Maxwell introduces Operatic Weather Forecast [from D7]


There are no “official” titles for Take it from Here shows, as far as I know. The first 6 series (“The Joy Nicholls years”) are usually identified by the Keynotes’ song, but sometimes by the title of the final sketch; I’ve included both in this list. Neither is completely unambiguous — the Keynotes sang several songs more than once (eg Easter Parade, Twelve Days Of Christmas, Let’s Do It), and the tradition developed of re-doing a favourite sketch from the previous series in the last show of the series (eg Egg-Bound was performed in A18 and B27).

It may come as a surprise to some, that Take it from Here’s best-known segment, the Glums, didn’t appear until the 7th series, when June Whitfield (who played Eth) and Alma Cogan (who was the inarticulate Mrs Glum) joined the programme. Initially the Glums appeared in the middle of the show as “an ordinary family” discussing (or rather, not discussing) this week’s “TIFH Talking Point”. From series 10, they occupied the final segment, and on two occasions they took up the entire show [L5, L16].

For series 7 - 9 I’ve used titles for both the Glums and the final sketch, and for the remainder, just the title of the Glums sketch. Again there is some ambiguity — Mrs Glum Leaves is used as a title for three (different, I think) sketches — I26, K3 & M17, Ron’s New Suit is used in K16 & M13, and you’ll see others as you go through the list. Where alternate titles are known to be used, I’ve tried to give those too.

First lines:

This is the main purpose of this list — to enable easy identification of already-known shows. I’ve given the first few words of the opening sketch, which is normally a routine with Dick Bentley and Jimmy Edwards. Hopefully, these are all unique.

From series 7 onward, after the Glums make their appearance, I’ve also given the opening of the Glums sketches. (The Glums sometimes appear on their own in postings, and this should help identify their original TIFH appearance.) For series 7 - 9, the sketches almost always start with Eth’s plaintive “Oh Ron!”. From series 10 onwards, the Glums sketches usually start in the pub, with Ted the landlord calling “Time”, and urging his customers to give him their glasses. He usually then starts talking to Mr Glum, who is propping up the corner of the bar, and it’s the start of this conversation that I’ve recorded here.

I hope this list will prove useful. Please let me know about any errors or omissions you find.


Titles and broadcast dates taken from information compiled by the Global British Comedy Collaborative (GBCC), although any errors are mine and not theirs!

Global British Comedy Collaborative: (thanks to Stephen Shaw for that link)
British Comedy and Drama website:
Martin Hood's TIFH Page:
Martin Hood's rough episode guides:

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