The layout details given below should assist any visually impaired purchaser of the Sanyo audio transcriber in its use and may prove to be useful information for any would-be purchasers when deciding if this unit is likely to be suitable for their needs. It is not a user guide, just a button and socket whereabouts description. It is not a recommendation and any purchaser of the transcriber does so on their own initiative solely.


Button and socket Layout description

1. On the top, to the right of the cassette opening lid, there is a long thin button to open the lid which pulls forward.

2. On top, the next proper row of buttons is a little further forward and starts on the left with a button you can press which just resets the time played counter for knowing how far along a tape you are. Then to its right is the first proper operations button which is the tape erase button. To its right is the stop button and next to the right is the play button. The next right is the fast forward button and the last button in this block is the rewind button. Now, on the same level, after a couple of inches of gap, comes two more buttons which both press down and stay down or come up if you press them again. The first is the search off/on button and the very right-hand button on this level is the power on/off button.

3. There are four sliders on the front edge. The leftmost one is the jump back level setter, going from 0 to 10, which determines how much the tape jumps back after you stop it to allow you to hear the last word or two you last heard/typed when you start the tape again, so that you do not have to keep pressing the foot peddle rewind when you restart. The second slider to the right is the volume control. The next is the tone control and the last one is the speed of playback control.

4. With the machine facing you and the sliders at the front, the left-hand edge only holds the headphones jack plug.

5. On the back edge of the unit to the left is the foot peddle remote control din plug type socket and the only other thing is on the right and is the 9 Volt DC power socket. The machine is mains only and is for playback, not recording.

6. There is nothing on the right edge and nothing underneath.