The details and user instructions given below should assist any visually impaired purchaser of the LG talking microwave in its use and may prove to be useful information for any would-be purchasers when deciding if this unit is likely to be suitable for their needs. It is not a recommendation and any purchaser of the microwave does so on their own initiative solely.


User Guide and Description

by John Wilson


In late 2001 I took possession of an LG talking microwave, model MS283TD. This unit has been adapted by the manufacturer to be suitable for both sighted and visually impaired users. Its power output on high is 900 Watts. It has a good array of features and includes some Brailled and some different shaped buttons. The speech has slight Australian intonations and is very clear. The oven incorporates a child-proof locking system and includes its own stand-alone voice recording and playback ability. It also has an independent stand-alone clock and timer.

You may be able to buy the LG MS283TD from CIH Euronics member stores. To discover the nearest one to where you live, phone them on 01264 333433. They tend to cost around 135 pounds. Alternatively, you may be able to find out who is currently supplying them by asking the LG company itself in your own country, which in the UK is on 01753 491500. They are also available via the Website www.appliances.co.uk but they tend to over-charge at around 190 pounds, including P&P. You may also be able to track them down on the Internet on the LG Website or via a search engine such as Google.


The supplied documentation comprises: a compliments type slip with Help Desk details and phone number, which is 01753 500470; a form to apply for extended warranty if you want this; the LG 12-month guarantee leaflet with warranty conditions; The actual LG guarantee registration form to be posted to: LG Electronics Guarantee Dept., Leicester House, 17 Leicester Street, Bedworth, Warwickshire, CV12 8JP; and the complete LG MS283TD Owner's Manual of operation instructions.


The LG's Metal case is mainly white in colour with a tinted but still see-through perspex door. There is an internal light which is on when the oven is in use. It comes with the standard revolving glass plate and a circular wheeled roller which fits under it and which the glass tray turns on.

To the nearest centimetre, the external dimensions of the microwave are 53 cm from left to right, 41 cm from back to front and 33 cm from top to bottom. cooking area measurements are 35 cm from left to right and from front to back and 23 cm in depth to the surface of the rotating glass plate.

This unit has extractor outlets on the back and on top of the case, so you are recommended to leave 10 cm clearance at the back and 30 cm clearance above the oven for good ventilation.

The oven area is on the left of the unit and the buttons and controls occupy the right.


When you press the open door button, the unit announces "door open" and "door closed" when you shut it. It also announces the function of each button, for instance, pressing the stop/Cancel button results in the speech saying "cancel", pressing the 1 Kg/10 Mins button causes an emission of "ten minute" and if you press an inappropriate button which does not have any use in a given mode, the unit says "incorrect key". After selecting the time you want the microwave to cook for and then press "Start" it confirms how long it will cook for by saying such as "cook time is 10 minute". When you have done all that is necessary to set up a particular action, the unit will let you know that everything is correct by saying "touch start", by which it means press the "Start" button to commence cooking.


The electronic control panel is overlaid with a clear plastic film on which there are six Braille indicators. Thus, not all twelve buttons are Brailled but they are all reasonably easy to feel and several of them are of different shapes. Row by row they comprise:

1. At the top you find the display window. The display window is about 3 cm high and 6 cm wide and shows information such as the current time of day, the cooking time, the cooking power level, etc.

2. Below the display there is a row of three buttons: the left is round and called "Clock/Set"; the middle button is round and called "Kitchen Timer"; and the right one is oblong and untitled but is for changing the power setting of the microwave.

3. On the next row comes the message Reminder area, which consists of two buttons both of which are Brailled: the first button marked with a Braille "R" is the "Record" button and the other, to its right, is named "Play" and marked with a Braille "P".

4. Coming down another row you fine three more buttons, all oval in shape: the left one is marked in print "1 Kg/10 mins" and has a Braille number 10 embossed underneath it; in the middle is a button marked in print "0.1 Kg/1 Min" with a Braille figure 1 underneath it; and the right button is marked "10 Secs" and has another Braille figure 10 embossed below it.

5. A further row of three buttons can be found just underneath the above-mentioned Braille figures and this houses: on the left the small round button is for "Stop/Cancel"; the next is a vertical bar type button and is the "Start" button; and, lastly, on the right, comes the "Defrost" button which is marked with a Braille letter "D".

6. All that is left to mention is that, under the banks of buttons, is the speaker/microphone grille and then below this you find a large concave oval button for opening the door.

Note: Most of the above buttons double up and have other uses, depending on what you are trying to do.


All buttons speak as you press them and work as follows:

1. To use the quick start cooking feature:

A. Press the "Start" button several times. Each press adds another 30 seconds onto the cooking time. Using this quick method of determining the cooking time you can only cook on high level.

B. So, if you wish to cook something for 3 minutes, you would press "Start" six times.

C. Each time you press "Start" the unit will emit a beep and the cooking will commence immediately, i.e. before you have completed your sixth press. On the sixth press you will not hear 3 minutes announced, as a few seconds will already have passed since cooking commenced at the first press. You may hear something like "cook time is 2 minute 57 seconds".

D. If you would like to temporarily suspend cooking for any reason, you just press the "Stop/Cancel" button once, wehn you will hear "cook stop". To recommence cooking from where you left off, press "Start" again. If you wish to stop cooking altogether so as not to pick up where you left off, press the "Stop/Cancel" button twice.

E. When cooking finishes, you will hear three beeps emitted to advise you of this.

F. If you do not open the oven door within one minute of cooking ending, you will receive another "cook end" announcement and series of beeps and this will continue each minute until you attend to the contents of the microwave.

Note: Throughout all of the key presses you always receive a reassuring beep sound so that you know that the button press has been successful.

2. To use the auto-defrost facility:

A. Pressing the auto-defrost button (marked with a Braille "D") cycles you through and lets you hear "defrost bread", "defrost meat" and "defrost poultry".

B. Stop on the type of food involved and the oven will say "enter weight". You then use the row of buttons above the Brailled figures (the oval ones) to punch in the weight of bread, meat or poultry to be defrosted. The minimum weight of poultry and meat which can be defrosted is 0.1 Kg and the maximum is 4 Kg, whereas with bread the minimum is 0.1 Kg and the maximum is 0.5 Kg.

C. For instance, to defrost 2.5 Kg of poultry or meat you would press the left oval button twice and then the middle oval button five times. If you were defrosting 0.3 Kg of bread, you would press the middle oval button three times.

D. To complete the procedure, just press the "Start" button and you will be told how long the defrosting will take with a message such as "defrost time five minutes". The oven will give a beeping sound every minute whilst defrosting and when it ends it will beep and say "cook end".

3. To cook food in standard mode:

A. If you wanted to cook something for 11 minutes and 40 seconds, you would press the "Kg/10 Mins" button once.

B. Next press the "Kg/1 Min" button once.

C. Then press the "Kg/10 Sec" button four times.

D. If you wish to cook on full power (high 100 per cent), skip to E below. If you wish to change the cooking power to another level, press the "Power" button repeatedly until you hear the level you want (See 4 below).

E. Lastly, press the "Start" button to commence cooking.

F. When cooking finishes, you will hear "cook end" and three beeps will be emitted to advise you of this.

G. If you do not open the oven door within one minute of cooking ending, you will receive another "cook end" announcement and series of beeps and this will continue each minute until you attend to the contents of the microwave.

4. To change the power setting whilst manually using the oven:

There are five different power settings but Before you can change the power levels, you must first punch in the number of minutes, seconds, etc, which the food will be cooked for. Then each press of the "Power" button will cycle you through the following choices, which will be verbalised to you -

High: This is the level of power which the microwave will work at unless you change it. It is therefore running at 100 per cent on high.

Low: In this setting you are cooking at 20 per cent of high power.

Medium Low/Defrost: This cooks at 40 per cent of high power.

Medium: Here is the 60 per cent of high power cooking level.

Medium High: This is the second highest cooking level at 80 per cent.

5. To set the stand-alone current time to 4.57 p.m.:

A. Press and hold down the "Clock" button for about three seconds. It will tell you the current time or just say "clock is" if there is no current time in memory. After holding "Clock" down for a few seconds you will hear "enter clock".

B. Now press the "Power" button to hear "a.m." and "p.m." spoken each time you press it. Stop on p.m. for this example.

C. Next you must start to punch in the current time by going to the row of oval buttons. By pressing the left of these (with the Braille 10 below it) you can increment the hours in hour jumps, so keep pressing it until 4 is heard. Then move right to the middle oval button (with the Braille figure 1 underneath it) and change the minutes in jumps of 10 at a time until you reach 50. Lastly, move to the right oval button (with the other figure 10 under it) and press it until you hear 7 spoken. There are no seconds.

D. To finish, just press the Clock button again.

Note: To be advised of the current time of day at any time, just press the "Clock" button once and release it followed by pressing "Cancel".

6. To use the stand-alone timer:

This is a simple timer which is not connected to the ovens cooking operations. It just works like a standard RNIB count-down timer would.

A. Press the "Kitchen Timer" button once and it will say "timer" and after a few more seconds you will hear "enter time".

B. Press the left oval button (with the Braille figure 10 below it) each time you want to increase the time by 10 minutes.

C. Press the middle oval button to increment the time to wait in steps of 1 minute.

D. Press the right oval button to increase timer delay in jumps of 10 seconds each press.

E. To commence the count-down press the "Start" button, when the time you have entered will also be verbally confirmed.

F. When the time has elapsed, you will hear "timer end" and a short musical series of beeps will be played.

Note: The maximum count-down time you can set is 1 hour, 39 minutes and 50 seconds.

7. To set or cancel the child lock:

A. To enable the lock, press and hold down the "Cancel" button for about five seconds until you hear a single beep.

B. Although the microwave door can still be opened, none of the control buttons will work. They just say "incorrect key" if pressed.

C. To unlock the oven, press and hold the "Cancel" button down again for five seconds until a single beep is heard.

8. To use the message reminder:

A. Press the "Record" button marked with a Braille "R" (its the button on the second row, directly underneath the "Timer" button) and start speaking your message. It will record onto a solid- state chip for up to 43 seconds. If time runs out, you will hear a few beeps to warn you of this. Any previous message will be over-recorded.

B. To stop recording before the 43 seconds have elapsed, just press the "Cancel" key.

C. To play the message back, press the "Play" key marked with a Braille "P", just to the right of the "Record" button.

9. To turn off the speech or alter its volume:

A. If you wish to reduce the speaking volume, start the oven cooking and then stop/pause it by pressing the "Cancel" button once.

B. Then press the 1 minute button (the oval one just above the Braille figure 1) once for the middle volume level and twice for the lowest level.

C. If you wish to increase the volume, do the same as above but press the 10 minute button this time (to the left of the 1 minute button).

D. To turn speech off altogether, again having started and then paused cooking, simultaneously press and hold down both the 1 minute and 10 minute buttons for around three seconds until you hear a beep.

E. To turn speech back on, just repeat the above step.


As a general guide you would cook the below foods on the following levels:

High: For boiling water; browning minced beef; cooking poultry pieces, fish and vegetables; cooking tender cuts of meat.

Medium High: For all reheating; Roasting meat and poultry; cooking mushrooms and shell fish; cooking food containing cheese and eggs.

Medium: For baking cakes and scones; preparing eggs; cooking custard; preparing rice and soup.

Medium Low/Defrost: For all thawing; melting butter and chocolate; cooking less tender cuts of meat.

Low: For softening butter and cheese; softening ice cream; rising yeast dough.