The layout details given below should assist any visually impaired purchaser of the Apollo answerphone in its use and may prove to be useful information for any would-be purchasers when deciding if this unit is likely to be suitable for their needs. It is not a user guide, just a button and socket whereabouts description. It is not a recommendation and any purchaser of the answerphone does so on their own initiative solely. It must also be noted that this machine is now over 10 years old and so probably not available in shops, although second-hand units may be available from time to time.


by John Wilson

Description of the Answerphone Call Apollo 2000 buttons and sockets

on the Back edge, to the right side:

1. Power in jack.

2. Line in cable to phone socket.

3. Just above these two cables is a recess to press and open the cassette bay lid.

On top of the unit:

1. at the front left (the biggest most prominent button) is the "Answer" off/ready button. It is off when in the up position. When down it is ready to take a message.

2. The four buttons on the right of the answer button are, in order:

A. Is the "Outgoing Message Record" button.

B. The "Memo" button.

C. The "Play" button. For playing back messages.

D. Is the "Save " button.

The only other things on top are the cassette bay lid to the back at the right and some indicator lights.

On the Right edge of the machine:

From back to front there are:

1. First slider is the "On/Off" switch. It is on when slid to the right.

2. Coming forward one is the "On/Off Remote" button. To be off this should be to the right.

3. Next is the "Answer Only or Normal" button. If to the right it is on normal, which means that messages can be left.

4. The very front slider, the very small one, is the "Keep/Erase Remote" button. If to the right you are on erase and to the left you are on keep.

5. At the very front right-hand side, lastly, there is the volume dial.

On the Front edge:

There are no buttons, sockets or lights.

On the Left edge:

There are no buttons, sockets or lights.


There is nothing there either, other than a pull out stand for tilting the unit on.