Helena Kelly healed of Multiple Sclerosis


For many years I have had difficulties with my left leg but most of the time the pains and the pins and needles were just annoying. Then in 1990 I gave birth to my oldest son Daniel. My husband and I were very happy but this happiness was tinged with some doubt as to my health. I had developed a foot drop and my hip muscles had wasted away that they no longer held the joint in place. This had gone unnoticed as I thought that the pain I was experiencing was normal for pregnancy( it was my first). It took 4months to recover strength  enough to get about freely, but this was short lived as the weakness returned 2months later. It was at this time that I was diagnosed as suffering from M S. 

It was at this point that I turned to the church family for support. As symptoms arose I would request that people in the church would pray for me and I was aware of the grace of God on my life.

I never had such severe attacks again, but the pain, weakness, and the fatigue that I felt had a profound effect on my life. I could not walk far without pain . I had to plan my day so that I had sufficient time to rest. Even going to the church service would be so tiring that I would then spend the afternoon in bed. Which meant so little family time.

To cut a long story short. A friend who goes to Saline Parish gave me a flyer about the visit of john Mellor. I had prayed long and hard for my healing, as had other people. I had come to the point that I believed God to keep symptoms at bay, but only had faith for the future, that God would restore me one day. I just did not want to set myself up for disappointment..  So I did not go.

God had other plans for me, and he woke another friend of mine in the night, and told her she was to tell me to go. This she did. I was pretty certain that I would not be there. But she was persistent. I did not want to disappoint her, though I was certain she would be anyway (I of little faith). I went forward for prayer because of my friend and as John prayed for me I felt the presence and peace of God. I also felt pain which increased in intensity. John came back and prayed for me again and I felt the pain melt away for the first time in over ten years. I was able to walk awkwardly at first which improved into a RUN.

I went to see my GP. A man who loves the lord. and he was surprised .It is not often that someone walks into his surgery and says they feel great. He could see the change and he had "my extensive neurological difficulties" as he put it documented. He made a comment that he had to put a reason in the computer for my visit and was curious as to what it would do when he put HEALED.