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david king, Guest Book

From: Bob Kramer  

December 16 2002
A good site which I have begun to visit with greater frequency. This because the one thing that annoyed me somewhat to begin with, Iam now seeing as one of its best features. Your tendency to put up early and intermediate drafts of poems was something I at first found confusing, but I am now fascinated to follow their development through their various stages. (I am not sure that I would be brave enough to reveal an unfinished thought!) The rewrites of "Short Official Guide to Ancestral Home" I found particularly enlightening - though I must confess that I am struggling to understand the process and to know how to read them. The most recent draft, in which you introduced line breaks, the technical term for which I do not know, such that some lines begin T the point where the previous one concluded, was something to try to get my head around. Like reading a totally new poem, it was. Special thanks for that. And now there is the reappearance in fresh guise of an old friend, "The Flowering Cactus". Thought: I don't suppose you could put up notes or guides to help ignoramuses like me, could you? I have enjoyed your work so much, but feel there is a lot more to be got from it.

Bob Kramer

From: Eric Wahl  

December 5 2002
This is a very good site you've designed here. I have added it to my favorites.
I enjoy your short pieces and especially liked 'A Drunk On The Underground'
Are you still interested in guest poets, or have you given up on that?

From: Tony Wills  

September 16 2002
Appreciate the newly sorted links page. Very helpful.
Any chance of some helpful notes on Short official Guide? (Finding some of the references hard going!)

From: Anderson Hunter  

September 13 2002
I dropped in on you quite by accident and stayed longer than I ususally do. A great little site, just made for the likes of me. I particularly enjoyed 'Peter's Sorrow When The Cock Crew' and 'The Birth, Life And Death Of A Conceptual Artist'. I didn't have time to try out your links, but they look tempting and I shall come back to them. Nor did I get my teeth into 'Short Official Guide To Ancestral Home' - but I will. All-in-all, thanks for the site. I will e-mail you later with my profile.
Anderson Hunter.

From: J.F.  

August 14 2002
Great poems. Concentrate on them. Dump the rest! - Ah, but not the links. They stay.

From: Tony Wills  

August 11 2002
The best one-poet, amateur site I have come across. Not a put-down that, but constructive praise. I particularly enjoyed the two new poems, "Peter's Sorrow When the Cock Crew" and "The Birth, Life and Death of a Conceptual Artist". Who said satire is dead? Speaking of which, what happened to "The Alternative Version? Bring it back. But I still think "Short Official Guide to Ancestral Home" is tops. Thanks for dumping that slow-to-load home page. All-in-all, Congrats and thanks again! P.S. Where went the old Guest Book?

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