Eugene Wahl and Others

Together : Paul Robert
The Siege of Other Opinions : Anita Robert
A Cartesian Repentance of Sorts : Eric Eugene Wahl
The New World : Larry Ray McKinny
Disorganized Thinking : Eric Eugene Wahl
Controversion : Eric Eugene Wahl
Identity : Eric Eugene Wahl

To carve a new flower from the seedling day Is to feel the roots succumb to some new spell Where hidden nature breathes up through the soil, Soft in its call to soul to awe. Our images Relate to us what can't be seen Or thought of in the spirit's cold infinity; Our appetites are drawn together; light Splays and splashes on the falling leaves And all is tender where the frost has drawn Its necklaces upon the wintry scene. Paul Robert

THE SIEGE OF OTHER OPINIONS What a siege that was, to be sure, Though it happens to everyone who expresses An opinion worth having, distresses Those with opinions not tempered in war. What could I do? Throw up flimsy barricades, words Hardly up to the job, at each open door, Post one telling phrase where I should post a sentry, Outweight and outwait the stampeding herds? I went back to my sources and drew from their well. Anita Roberts

A Cartesian Repentance Of Sorts? Mathematics; a romance gone stale perhaps? Her streamlined clock-working regularity Once wound me up in knots of ecstasy; But of late it's become a boring box From which to seek blessed release. Witness how I've toiled night and day With much sweat, more ink, and many tears Yet never discovered the proper equations In terms of SIN and TANH and EXP and DET Or Big S over f of t through small d of t, To give my God-breathed soul its reason to be. Her alphabet; too simple to spell M-A-N. Nature; what nutshell formula, in Heaven's name, Could begin to approximate her infinite charms? We once thought her a clarified crystal cut From perfectly polished platitudes, Or a finely-tuned functional fugue Of smilingly sybaritic symmetries; Much better to think of her as A frustratedly freakish flip-flop Fly-by-night fractal Built from odds no mere mortal Could fathom in a billion years. Her alphabet; legible only to God. Love; with her I could never contend! One half a demon ogress, One third a sultry siren, One fifth a simon-pure faerie queen. Tell me the proportions don't make sense, And I'll tell you.. neither does she! A rose in one hand, A thorn in the other, And warts on the third; She tears down my walls of loneliness Only to hide herself in the debris. Her alphabet; the twisted runes of witchcraft. Copyright 2002 by Eric Eugene Wahl
The New World Friend going off to school As you enter a new world, You may feel lost and lonely. The nights may be cold and darker. The days may seem longer. Just read this poem and remember, How strong your friendships are in this world, And know we are behind you always. Remember if you can in this world, You can in that world. Larry Ray McKinney
Disorganized Thinking final no lamely resounds in selectively deaf ears. which part of forget it won't you ever hear? soft persistent maybes your subtle software converts into eternally dishonest yesses. mind's just not wired for gray. holy war in unholy venues. selfright snotnoses walk over potential blessings wrapped in uncouth vulnerability. wild man's garden lies fallow damned inside his doldrum dreams paralyzed by partial pleasure numbed to next-year's nirvana Copyright 2002 by Eric Eugene Wahl
Controversion Speech went stone-cold blind; Eyesight became deafeningly dumb. Truth fell to her knees when Love walked in through pain's door! Shame's face was orangely ecstatic; Ecstasy blushed pink with shame. Reality slammed shut every window as Fantasy oozed in through the keyhole. Reason sat stern in the driver's seat; Joy went along for the ride. And if you bade me fond farewell, I'd be far too enlightened to cry! Copyright 2002 by Eric Eugene Wahl
Identity what we are; neither here nor there, but what we do carries our life in its hands. either we soar graciously beyond satellite stations and soulish storms, or else hover mere microns above the cowardly concrete of our well-worn comfort zones. Copyrightę 2002 Eric Eugene Wahl