Thank you for visiting my website and for taking a moment out to read this page.

If you came via the old, very forgettable address, you might like to make a note of the fact that the new, more easily remembered one, is

Old friends might not yet be aware that, in response to enquiries as to whether it might be possible to buy reproductions of the watercolour paintings, this facility has been added on a trial basis.

You will know, some of you, that The Poet's Chair has relocated from its former address after experiencing certain problems with the server there. This for many will now be history, but those of you who may be new to the site might like to know that its former name was Poetry Bytes and Other Bits which did at least emphasise that it was not entirely devoted to poetry. At that time the other bits were the watercolour paintings and some extracts from a paperback novel. Recently added - and hopefully to be developed further in the future - are reviews (critiques or personal appreciations) of various poets.

Visitors are cordially invited to have their say about any aspect of the site or to contribute to any of its sections. looking further into the future it is hoped to include a photographic section. One of the most popular additions (to judge from the mailbag) has been the links section. If you have any you would like included, let me know.

If you write poetry yourself, you might like to send a contribution or two for inclusion on my Guest Poets page - an idea oroginally suggested by a number of visitors over a period of time. If you prefer to remain anonymous, I will withhold your name and e-mail address - though you must provide them for me, along with an assurance that the copyright for the work(s) does indeed belong to you.

Perhaps you would be happier letting me have your views, though not for inclusion... Fine, just make it clear in your e-mail that the contents are for my eyes only!

If you own and/or maintain a website, you might perhaps consider an exchange of links - something that could profit both sites. Again, drop me an e-mail.

Finally, if you should return at some time in the future (some do!), please take the time to check this page again. I do intend to up-date it from time to time as a way of up-dating you.

I hope you enjoy your visit.