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The title and the image of the chair were both suggested
by the Seamus Heaney poem of the same name.

The following lines from

'Poet's Chair'

are reproduced here by kind permission
of Seamus Heaney:

Angling shadows of itself are what
Your 'Poet's Chair' stands to and rises out of
In its sun-stalked inner-city courtyard.
On the qui vive all the time, its four legs land
On their feet - cat's-foot, goat-foot, big soft splay-foot too;
Its straight back sprouts two bronze and leafy saplings.
Every flibbertigibbet in the town,
Old birds and boozers, late-night pissers, kissers,
All have a go at sitting on it sometime.
It's the way the air behind them's winged and full,
The way a graft has seized their shoulder-blades
That makes them happy. Once out of nature,
They're going to come back in leaf and bloom
And angel steps. Or something like that. Leaves
On a bloody chair! Would you believe it!

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