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Co Counselling

for personal and professional development

hands around the world THERE IS A WAY TO CHANGE. . .

...unuseful behaviour, that stops you being who you want to be and can be. . .

...limiting beliefs that get in the way of succeeding in what you want and having what you want. . .

...undermining thoughts that unsettle your confidence and interfere with you feeling OK with yourself. . .

But it is only for those who want to make these changes. . .

If you feel well sorted in that way, there is no need to read on. . .

...and WHAT is this way of change all about?

Co counselling
Co-counselling is a unique and effective way to cope with personal stress usefully and take charge of life creatively and confidently

A process for personal and professional development, in which we train as counsellor/mentors with others, exchanging focused and specific skills, on an equal basis.

Co-counselling has been well established for well over a quarter of a century and its concept is a baseline for many other cutting edge trainings.

Co counselling assumes, that we all have the potential to be loving, co-operative, energetic and intelligent and that some of this potential often becomes blocked, as the result of accumulated distressing and stressful experiences.

There may be times in our life. when we go through a crisis: be it relationship, health, finance, personal or professional; when specialised, peer and personal support, such as co counselling, could be most beneficial.

Co counsellors support the notion, that human beings grow and flourish within an environment of being loved, appreciated and encouraged (rather than by negative criticism), this applies as much to adults as to children.

With this in mind, we aim to generate such a culture, within the Co counselling Community, of which you can become a member.

. . .and WHO is it for?

For Ourselves and Others
Co counselling is for people who are coping adequately, yet may feel that their lives could be more productive, creative, healing, loving, successful and fulfilling.

It is also useful for people in the health and helping professions, therapists, volunteer workers, advisory and management, senior office staff, teachers, training officers, councillors and business executives to name but a few.

Another Way
A process for developing more satisfying and constructive approaches to life and our personal effectiveness: to respond to others with care and intuition, to stay Œadultš when we feel provoked. Supporting Others
To respond resourcefully in new situations. To give support when we ourselves may feel tired or vulnerable. To meet apathy with energy, prejudice with tolerance.

Taking Care of Ourselves
All these may be daily requirements. in our professional or personal life, which means there is a constant danger of adding to our own stresses, by taking on the distresses of others and bypassing taking care of ourselves.

Support Network
Co-counselling can provide an ideal support network for people who care for others, as well as providing the chance to practise skills that will help in the work of supporting others.

...and WHAT do we do?

We practise skills, for undoing our conditioned, self-deprecating patterns, which provide us with the opportunity to change unuseful behaviour and to validate existing skills and abilities.

You will also learn processes in being realistic and therefore effective in goal setting and life planning and the ability to acknowledge your strengths, build assertiveness and confidence.

...and HOW do we do it ?

A trained facilitator presents the programme, and guides you through a gradual and effective process, that can become familiar, as well as essential skills for life.

Practising in pairs and groups, during and in between the course and when we chose to, after the course.

...and WHEN can we do this?

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