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Welcome to Melliflua - Dene Bebbington's review site that aims to keep fans of instrumental music informed about recent releases. Here you can find regular (hopefully!) reviews of releases in the EM, ambient, spacemusic, adult contemporary, and new age genres. Occasionally I will also take a more personal look at a classic album.

A note on my reviewing style. I rarely write overly negative reviews, for the simple reason that I've got better things to do than listen to bad CDs several times in order to write about them. Though I will gush about some music that really enthralls, I'm not averse to expressing criticism where it is due.

The genre classifications against each album are only meant as a rough guide to the kind of music on the album.

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New as of September 20, 2005:

  Tim Gerwing - The Butterfly Effect (ambient/EM)

  Tom Heasley - Desert Triptych (ambient)

  Alfred Anthony - Wild West (electronica/dance)

  Calvin Coolidge II - Seconds (adult contemporary)

  Leo Abrahams - Honeytrap (adult contemporary)

  Vance Sheaks - West of Eden (new age/ambient/adult contemporary)

  Conrad Schnitzler & Michael Thomas Roe - Mi.T. - CON 04 (EM)

  Solyaris - Western Detunes (ambient)

  OTI - Recollection (ambient)

  Catherine Duc - Visions and Dreams (new age/world/EM)