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August 21, 2005:

  TouchXtone - Two (EM/ambient)

  Debbie Danbrook - The Spirit of Shakuhachi (new age)

  Calvin Coolidge II - Clear Dream Day (adult contemporary)

  Richard Powell - Sea Enigma (EM/ambient)

  Wave World - The Winds of Laax (EM)

  Streamline - Beyond the Horizon (ambient)

  TouchXtone - Astroboy (electronica)

  Kerry Leimer - Statistical Truth (ambient)

  William Edge - Edge of the Universe: Discovery (ambient)

July 20, 2005:

  TouchXtone - One (EM/ambient)

  TouchXtone - HeadmiX (EM/ambient)

  Eric Ian Walker & Marit Brook Kothlow - I Have Never Told You (adult contemporary)

  Keith Phillips - Daydreams (new age)

  Calvin Coolidge II - Club Tiaj (electronica)

  William Edge - Beyond the Edge: Into Infinity (ambient)

  Laura Sullivan - Mystical America (new age)

  Arc - Arcturus (EM)

June 25, 2005:

  William Edge - 76 Lightyears (electronica)

  Liam Mayron - Paradigm (electronica)

  Stephen Rhodes - Protected By Angels (new age/ambient)

  Sounds That Soothe - Silver Streams (new age)

  Etherfysh - A Box of Fysh (EM)

  Calvin Coolidge II - Meditations on God and the Meaning of Life (ambient/new age)

  Randy Gilliam - Four Seasons in Paradise (adult contemporary/new age)

  Boddy/Wostheinrich - Moire (electronica)

May 26, 2005:

  Brian Carter - Walking in Harmony (new age)

  Richard Amos - Breathe (EM/new age/ambient)

  Janet Robbbins - Carrying the Bag of Hearts: Interpreting the Birth of Stars Vol. I (spacemusic/ambient)

  Footfall - Empyrean (spacemusic/ambient)

  Aes Dana - Memory Shell (ambient/trance)

  Chris Murphy - Salton Songs (adult contemporary)

  Peter Busboom - The Beginning (electronica)

Apr 26, 2005:

  Jonn Serrie - Epiphany: Meditations on Sacred Hymns (new age/traditional)

  Stargarden - Music for Modern Listening (EM/electronica)

  Hypnotica - Electro Beach (EM/electronica)

  Various Artists - Fahrenheit Project Part Five (ambient/downtempo)

  Composure - World out of Balance (adult contemporary)

  MarryAnn - The Harmony of the Ecstasy (EM)

  Debbie Danbrook - Miracles (new age)

Apr 3, 2005:

  Wayne Kelling - Observations in the Woods (new age)

  Maxxess - Authenticity (EM/adult contemporary)

  Celestial - Hong Kong Dub-Station (dub/electronica/adult contemporary)

  Various Artists - To the Sky and Beyond the Stars (EM)

  MarryAnn - Intolerance (EM)

  Matthew Florianz - The Tone T(h)ree (ambient/drone)

Featured classic:

  Kitaro - Silk Road I (new age/EM)

Mar 14, 2005:

  Richard Bone - The Reality Temples (EM/new age/adult contemporary)

  Spielerei & Mantacoup - Wichman and Other Pieces (ambient)

  Honeyroot - Sound Echo Location (electronica/adult contemporary)

  Marcel Donne - Sidologie (EM)

  Hammock - Kenotic (ambient/adult contemporary)

  Kevin Kendle - Deep Skies 1: Light From Orion (spacemusic)

  Composure - Ashes to Dust (adult contemporary)