Last updated 14th. July 2004

Using the List of Orchid Genera.

When opened in the web browser, the list has rather less features than when used with a word processor. The list will be shown with the items sorted by name - the first column. This can not be changed in the browser, but can be changed to any other column if a word processor is used. (See below.)

Users can page up or down, go to the end or the start of the list, and can find instances of a particular name, tribe or subtribe (using Edit - Find).

For anyone not familiar with using tables, the following may be helpful:-

If you wish to use the list with Microsoft Word, or other word processor that can provide fully functional tables, do the following:-

1, Select the whole list by clicking 'Edit' - 'Select All'.

2, Click 'Edit' - 'Copy'.

3, Close or minimise the word processor.

4, Open a new (empty) document.

5, Click 'Edit' - 'Paste'.

The table should now appear, showing all rows as they were in your browser.

By Clicking 'Table' - 'Sort', you will be able to choose any column to base the sort on - Name, Abbrev. (not very useful), Components (not useful), Tribe, and SubTribe. These last two are useful!

By sorting the list on either of these columns, all genera belonging to a particular subtribe or tribe will be shown together, one after the other. It is then very easy to make up documentation for use during judging of orchid shows!

When viewing the list in your word processor, you should also be able to view the header and footer, which contain information about the sources of information used to build the list.

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