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Intake and Exhaust

The 1995 Honda Odyssey EX minivan has the Honda F22B6 2.2 liter inline 4 cylinder 16-valve SOHC engine, similar to the F22B1 and F22B2 engines used in the 1994-1995 Honda Accord EX sedan/coupe and the DX/LX sedan/coupe, respectively.  The van is currently stock but I am interested in making a few performance modifications to improve airflow.

The diagrams below are from the 1995 Honda Odyssey Service Manual and show how restrictive the stock intake and exhaust systems are.  As a first step I would like to identify a cool air induction system that would work for this application.  Many such systems are available for the Accord and other Honda/Acura models, but so far I have not found one advertised specifically for the Odyssey.  If anyone knows of an intake system that works on the Odyssey, please let me know (I'd also like to know about any forced induction F22B6 engines or similar).   If you are connected with a company that manufactures or sells such systems, I am willing to work with you to find a system that works, especially if I can get a price break!  :-)  I have a G-Tech accelerometer, so I can provide 0-60 and quarter mile performance figures for both before and after installation.

Here is a diagram of the engine compartment.  As you can see, the layout is very similar to the engine compartments of other Honda/Acura models.

Here is a diagram of the intake system.  This is a little confusing, since it does not show the resonator that hangs off of the front of the intake air duct.  The resonator and intake air pipe shown here are not visible when looking at the engine compartment and must be beneath the ACL.  One potential advantage of this system is that it apparently draws cool air in from outside of the engine compartment.  Replacing this restrictive system with an open element air induction system will likely improve performance but will result in the problem I am currently trying to solve for my Stealth.

Here is the stock exhaust system. 

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