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To Dance

Firstly Decide what you want from your dancing.

If you want to meet new friends, enhance your social life, use dancing as a form of exercise
and are not particularly bothered about the standard you are likely to attain and the timescale in
which you are likely to achieve it ( or not) , then:
Contact your local Dance Studio and find out about Beginners’ Group Classes where you
will be taught a Set Routine

If however you want to be certain to be able to learn efficiently it is vital that you commence
learning on a one to one (Private) basis with a qualified teacher. Insist when you enquire that you
are taught on a “Lead/follow” basis and not taught a “Set Routine” and that the teacher is able to
teach the dances you require:
Contact your local Dance Studio and find out about: Lead/Follow Techniques
& Private Lessons.

Lead/Follow vs Set Routines

Lead/Follow....This really is the Rolls Royce method where a Man learns to be in
charge of leading variations to avoid problems, to move into spaces or for the sheer fun of it!!!
It’s not all good news however. This method is ideal if:
1/ The pupil wants quick well established results
2/ The lady does not mind being “bossed”and the man can accept being blamed for
90% of errors
3/ Funds are not restricted.. it’s obviously more expensive than being part of a group
4/ You really do want to look the biz!
5/ Perhaps you’re shy and want a Private kick-start
6/ Perhaps you think you may find it difficult and need to test the water first

Set Routines.
.....often teachers who teach Group classes are more interested in filling the
class than the standard of dancing taught. It is far easier ( and profitable) to teach fifty people badly but to make it fun
than teaching a couple or individual well....and make it fun....So with a group learning a travelling dance (ie Quickstep,
Tango, Foxtrot...) a teacher may teach a set routine of figures and variations to fit around the floor upon which he
teaches.. This is great if :
1/ The pupil is always going to dance on this size and shape of floor.
2/ There is nobody else on the floor at the same time
3/ The pupil doesn’t dance with anyone else but their regular partner
4/ The pupil learns at the exact same rate as everyone else
5/ The teacher chooses to teach the programme of dances the pupil wants
6/ Mr & Mrs Slowcoach and Their friends Mr and Mrs Attention-Seeker are not on the class
7/ Funds are low- obviously it’s a cheaper way to get started
8/ The pupil is generally confident and outgoing-(if you’re shy try Private Lessons)
9/ Cardboard results-rarely does a pupil achieve a natural and polished look