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You may have seen this information advertised elsewhere online costing In
Excess of £100.
The site in question is a limited access site based in the USA.
The site sells a vast range of electronic consumer goods at massive discounts.
The site operates a “queuing system” for the goods it sells.
It is not available by search engines.
We are not connected with the site and whilst we are aware of no negative
feedback to date we stress that we can accept no responsibility for any problems
you may experience with it.

If you would like the address please send a Cheque or Postal Order for
in favour of
N A Townsend
24 Tackford Close, Birmingham B36 9TA.

Please enclose your email address so
that upon cleara nce of your cheque we can email you the Web site address.

The information we give is supplied in good faith and we would encourage
users to take precautions whenever they buy online.