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So many choices...

What is missing, that you continue to seek?

Philosophy Online offers Counselling Coaching Consultancy with deeper foundations a broader base a wider perspective.

Philosophy Online

Is this you?
You are not dysfunctional or ill?
You don’t need a doctor or psychologist?
You don’t (or don’t just) want to see a priest?
You have doubts about many ‘New Age’ solutions?

Do you want?
Assistance in taking stock and clarifying options?
To reflect, alone, or with your partner or team?
To try new and old ways of understanding?
To explore and evaluate for yourself?

What do you prefer?
To think and feel for yourself?
Instructions, formulae, (yet) another set of acronyms?
Solutions after twelve steps, six hops, five skips
and a jump?
More range and sophistication?
New approaches and reconditioned old ones?
Inspiration and practicality?

What do you believe?
Good ideas connect to people, passions, actions, hearts?
In chasing the urgent we lost the important?

Would you like?
To bounce ideas and feelings in strictest confidence?
Clarity about promises and evidence of achievement?

Who can you trust?
How can you check?
It is never easy.
Evidence helps:

How many testimonials would convince you?
Personnel Today,
Behaviour Research and Therapy, European Journal of Psychotherapy,
Institute of Psychiatry Journal,
British Association for Counselling,
Prospect Magazine for Financial Services,
Relate Marriage Guidance Journal,

Catholic Marriage Advisory Council,
Journal of Managerial Psychology,
Family Practice,
Counselling and Health,
British Journal of Psychiatry,
British Medical Journal,
Science of Thought Review,
National Association for Mental Health,
Self and Society
plus leading consultants, applied philosophers, therapists, health practitioners, educationists, novelists. (For details go from here)

Who am I?

I have been using philosophy to inspire, to imagine, to achieve, to survive, to thrive for the past thirty five years. I’ve tested Pythagoras to Postmodernism on Joe and Joan Private, Public and Corporate for twenty five years. They have helped me to learn what is relevant, what works, for whom, and when.

When can you have your cake and eat it?
To ‘make’ good and ‘be’ good?
Value for money and money for value?
Standards of living, and reasons for living?
Playful, serious, acrobatics?
To jump out of the box and stay in control?
Analytic intellect and creative non-conformity?

What does ‘status’ mean to you?
‘To calculate a person’s status, you take his net worth and multiply it by his antimaterialistic attitudes.’ (David Brooks).
Does this ring a bell?
Is this a wire worth balancing on?
How to succeed without selling your soul?
How to make money and occupy the moral high ground?

When the going get tough?
Your car has crash protection, but how about you?
What wisdom, ancient and modern, survives bad times?

Stay on this site if:
You want to use Western philosophy
But not as a coffee table decoration
And not as an ivory tower irrelevance.
You want to consult an applied philosopher
who has derived and delivered value
- from many philosophies,
- to all kinds of people
- for over twenty five years.

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