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Philosophy Online offers Counselling Coaching Consultancy with deeper foundations a broader base a wider perspective.
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A Fairy Story
A Form for all occasions
A Quality Article
A Way with Words
Advice on Funding
Are you ‘fully’ objective?
Can you rely on ®egistered Counselling?
Challenges to Counselling and Psychotherapy
Conversations with a counsellor
Counselling p.l.c.
Counselling: Hubris and Nemesis
Cults: The UK Experience
Defining Counselling

Fallacies and Realities of Self

Funding Formulae; Funding Madness
Has the WEA a Way with Words?
Latest message from Mission Control
Learning ‘Outcomes’ - Will we ever learn?
Liberal Humanism (to follow) \
Looking at a class smartly?
Notional Accreditation Light Relief
Personal Development and Political Effectiveness

Psychologists: Aren’t We All?
Psychotherapy: Status Symbol or Cure
Roads to professionalisation (and integrity?)
Socrates as a role model for counsellors
‘Special Offers’ and the Management of Change
The Necessities and Absurdities of Accredited Helping
The Place of Psychotherapy and Counselling
Virtual Friendship
What can Philosophy offer Counselling and Psychotherapy?
What, and why, are we a©©rediting?
What Happened to Awe and Wonder?
What’s IT all about?
Who is your God?
Why counsellors should not ignore philosophy
Poetry to follow) \

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