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Philosophy Online offers Counselling Coaching Consultancy with deeper foundations a broader base a wider perspective.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need training in philosophy to benefit from services on this website?
Absolutely not. But it will help if you are the sort of person who asks questions and who won’t accept answers that you have not thought through for yourself.

2. Is it new to use philosophy in counselling and consultancy?
Every kind of counselling and consultancy is based on by an underlying philosophy of assumptions, ideas, values and intentions. Instead of just assuming one approach, applied philosophers offer a broader range of methods. Applied philosophers are explicit about, and questioning of, ideas, methods and assumptions on offer. Applied philosophy utilises accumulated wisdom from 2,500 years rather than just the last 10, 50 or 100 years.

3. Is philosophy just a ‘head-trip’. What about feelings and actions?
Philosophy that disconnects ideas from feelings and actions is shallow pedantry, academic introversion, an avoidance of life. You have a chance here to integrate what you think with what you feel, want, intend, hope, commit to and dream about. Each of these feeds, inspires and informs the other.

4. Why should I accept your ideas as opposed to anyone else’s?
Why indeed? Please don’t. In any case I offer choices. I invite you to choose, explore, and decide, for yourself.

5. What do I have to learn, to benefit from philosophical counselling?
Philosophers assist you to reflect about aspects of your life. They help you clarify assumptions, explore options and consequences, look from new angles. They do not teach you what to think. Philosophy celebrates the diversity of human ideas and experience. Philosophers do not need to agree with each other about what to think. They act as catalysts to assist clients to think, decide and act for themselves.

6. Will applied philosophy make me happier?
It may help you to be happier to live with the degree of happiness you find available to you. You may discover that there is more to life than ‘happiness’; and be happy with that.

7. Will applied philosophy give me more control?
You will gain more control when you are more clear about what you cannot control - and when you stop trying to control it.
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