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Philosophy Online

Philosophy Online offers counselling, coaching & consultancy with deeper foundations, a broader base
and a wider perspective.

Applied philosophy for individuals, partners, teams

Could you use a philosopher? A what?

How rich is your present perspective?
How wise was your last choice?
How far do you want to go?

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Counsellors and consultants
each select a particular philosophy of
key assumptions, ideas, goals and methods.
It shapes their practice, and the service you receive.
But where did their assumptions come from?
What are the alternatives?
What if you want to select theory and practice for yourself? Our ‘dumb-down’, ‘me-centred’, ‘sound-bite’ society disconnects us from history and culture.
We need and deserve
A larger, more sophisticated, menu of options.

How to?
Take a breath
Enrich your outlook,
Seek practical solutions,
Look for realities beneath appearances,
Reflect on what you’ve got, gave, want, and deserve.
What, for you, is ‘wealth’, ‘success’, fulfillment?

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