Rebbuqqan Script

by Simon Whitechapel

Rebbuqqan was a divinatory script used in the underground Temple of the Toad-Goddess Rebbuqqa at Imbaqmosor and read by priestesses from the flight of flies bred for the sacred amphibia of the Temple. In the profane form that had gradually become known outside the Temple the script is defective and does not supply characters for every phoneme of the language used by the priestesses: for example, b could also mean v or m, p could mean f, j (as in German or Italian) could mean i or î, and w could mean the archaic vowel y or ŷ.

Even in its full, hieratic form, however, interpretation of the living script was more an art than a science and at least three schisms and seven permanent excommunications can be traced directly to disputes among senior myiomancers (viz., fly-diviners) over interpretation of a particular passage. The script had no written form and was reproduced in the Temple from memory by means of sticks dipped in the luminous spores of various fungi and waved in darkened scriptoria.

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*As in Arabic.
Voiced form of q.

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