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Early Naturopaths used only the five basic life-giving elements of
  4. Exercise
  5. Water-therapy
to cure their patients - with these 5, the body is given the essentials it needs to heal itself.

We believe in "VIS MEDICATRIX NATURAE" ("The healing power of nature") (based on the fact that all living entities possess a "Life-Force" or Xi).

Healing your condition using natural remedies versus traditional (allopathic) medicine.

1. Naturopaths work together with you, the patient, to use your body's own "Vital Force" to heal itself.
2. Naturopaths look for the cause of the condition, not just at the symptom.
3. Naturopaths treat the whole person (the wholistic approach), conventional doctors just treat the symptom.
4. Our aim is to promote, restore and maintain health.
5. This means getting you up to an optimum condition in all aspects, which can be done in a number of ways (including diet, lifestyle, exercise, herbs, homeopathy etc)
6. A Naturopath tries to determine what you are deficient in, and then to encourage you to build that up, to aid your Vital Force to be strong (eg minerals, fresh air, sunlight, relaxation, Fatty Acids, exercise etc).
7. Homeopathy/herbs/acupuncture assist the body to do its own healing.
8. Allopathic doctors use medicines that suppress the symptoms only - they do not address the cause.
9. Each person is individual - and will need a unique way of restoring ideal health. Allopaths treat everyone in the same way.
10. Suppression (be it by medicines, vaccinations or food chemicals) means the disease is driven further into the body. There it can manifest as a new set of symptoms, eg suppressed eczema can bring on asthma or lung problems.
11. If you are working naturopathically, you may well have a Healing Crisis: this is where the symptoms can reappear before they disappear altogether. This is because the body has been storing them all this time and they have to come to the surface before they can disappear finally. Often old, forgotten symptoms can reappear during this time for a short while.

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